Golden Child AURA: In-Depth Album Review – Miracle

AuraIt’s ‘Golden Child comeback’ time again, which means a track-by-track review of their new mini album, Aura! Check back each day of the week as I make my way through the five new songs.

1. Aura (Intro) // 2. Replay // 3. Knocking On My Door // 4. 3! 6! 5! // 5. Purpose // 6. Miracle


Golden Child have worked with producers 1Take and TAK since debut, creating a total of seven tracks over the years. My favorite (2019’s Lately) is actually the least 1Take-and-TAK-sounding song of them all. Usually, these guys have a distinct style that combines jagged, intricate electronics and off-kilter melodies. Their work keeps you on your feet, and Miracle (완벽해) is no different.

The song opens on a high as a waterfall of crystalline synths cascades forth. These synths – which repeat later during a standout dance break – are my favorite aspect of Miracle. It’s such a brilliant sound, optimistic yet edgy. From here, the track bounds into a brisk, lively verse underlined by a funky beat. Rhythm guitar adds extra bounce as the guys deliver a melody that flits all over the place.

Miracle’s chorus is more robust, recalling many past 1Take and TAK productions like If and What Happened. The melody slides into the groove, tempering its pop energy with a quirkiness that feels unique to Golden Child. It’s another definitive album highlight, though not quite as epic as Aura’s first three songs. I love how we end on an exclamation note rather than some drippy ballad or forgettable mid-tempo. The group has done it again, releasing a no-skip album stuffed with highlights.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75

15 thoughts on “Golden Child AURA: In-Depth Album Review – Miracle

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  4. Wow, I thought this was gonna be a 9+, definitely my favourite bside. I even had a comment prepared, “Six 9+ kpop songs in August’s first week, you could say it’s a Miracle,” but five is pretty good too 🤣🙂🥲😰😭😭😭😭😭 #justiceformiracle


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  6. This one is it, the b-side for me. Definitely my fave off the album, loved the textures and the funkiness of this track as soon as it began. Reminds me a lot of another personally beloved 1Take and TAK b-side of mine—-Monsta x’s “Roller Coaster”. This doesn’t have quite the endless hooks that one did, but like you said the synths here are wonderful. I think I love everything those two producers do.

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  8. I think this is a fine song, but not 8.75 great, perhaps low 8 for me. The thumb on the bias score is heavy on this one.

    For me, the song sounds like it is cruising along the highway at 75mph, and barely taps the gas to zoom the zoomer higher faster better. Or tap the breaks to take in the view lower slower softer. The verses especially sound like cruise control. Only around 3:00 mark does it feeling like we are finally passing someone on that highway, only to settle back in. And then it ends.


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