Buried Treasure: ONEUS – Stupid Love

ONEUS - Stupid LoveA K-pop act’s title track isn’t always the best song on their album, even if it’s the one most people will hear. Sometimes, b-sides deserve recognition too. In the singles-oriented world of K-pop, I want to spotlight some of these buried treasures and give them the props they deserve.

While I found ONEUS’s new title track pretty underwhelming, it’s backed by some notable b-sides worth checking out. The group usually has at least one or two songs on each album that I prefer to the title. Though they often work with the same team of producers, their work is more varied than some of their promoted songs might suggest.

Mermaid casts a super-satisfying synth groove and layers some great vocal moments over the top. I nearly picked it for my buried treasure, but decided to opt for the album’s most energetic track instead. Stupid Love brings rock music back to the ONEUS oeuvre. Those who prefer last year’s “rock version” of debut track Valkyrie will find Stupid Love to be a great compliment. It’s not as in-your-face, but the guitar-led chorus delivers a similarly combative energy.

There have been plenty of standout rock-tinged K-pop songs this year. I don’t think Stupid Love necessarily stands out from the pack, but I like its single-minded, grab-you-by-the-collar force. The verses key up the chorus, pulsing along driving percussion and soft guitar. Then, things get rugged as we move into the propulsive hook. This is Stupid Love’s rightful centerpiece, and probably the best moment on the whole mini album. Sometimes it’s better to narrow your ambition and strip back an arrangement to its most vital ingredients. This chorus isn’t complex or even original, but its guitar-meets-vocals intensity gets the job done with flair.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

7 thoughts on “Buried Treasure: ONEUS – Stupid Love

  1. I think this one would be more suitable for a title track rather than Same Scent, as it appeared to be ultra-underwhelming for me and I never returned to the song, making it fall down from 8 to 7.25. Although, unlike Nick, I found the chorus of this quite underwhelming, especially the first half, and my favorite part of Stupid Love are its verses. Rating is about right.

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  2. completely biased opinion incoming. i’m ADDICTED to this song and i think it’s one of oneus’ best. idk, i just love the energy and the chorus has me screaming around the house. i love love love it. 🤣


  3. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with ONEUS songs. I think me and the producers are on the same wavelength because ONEUS is the only group where I like every song. There is something about their music that just clicks with me.

    For me, I think ‘Full Moon’ just barely edges out ‘Stupid Love’ but it’s still such a great song nonetheless. There have been quite a lot of rock b-sides from groups this year but this is up there. Also, ‘Full Moon’ reminded me how impressive Leedo’s vocal range is. I will never get over his voice. If you told me that his singing voice was someone else, I would believe you, no questions asked.

    This album was another solid 8 or 9/10 for me.

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  4. This is my favorite song on the album but I can see why they went with Same Scent as the title track for the performance/visual aspect. This is a song I’d much rather just listen to at max volume. I’d love to see an It’s Live-type performance of it.


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