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Open Discussion (September 18, 2022)

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This week’s question:

Pick a bias artist. In your opinion, what is their most underrated and overrated single/title track?

101 thoughts on “Open Discussion (September 18, 2022)

  1. I’ll choose Golden Child, of course!

    Underrated: Genie

    Genie is still probably (maybe? I don’t even know anymore!) my favorite Golcha single, yet it’s never really mentioned or performed anymore. And at just 1.7 million views on YouTube, it’s one of their least-watched music videos as well. When people mention “bright” Golden Child, you’ll almost always hear DamDaDi, Pump It Up or maybe Let Me. In my mind, Genie’s better than all three!

    Overrated: Wannabe

    I don’t know if Golcha has an “overrated” song, since they’ve never had a huge, mainstream hit. But, I think most casual fans would know them for Wannabe. I love Wannabe, but it doesn’t necessarily feel distinctly Golcha to me. And by being known for a sound that doesn’t show up often in the rest of their material (besides Without You and One, obviously) it kind of feels like false advertising. It’s still a great track though and did a lot for the group.

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    • After doing a ranking of all the Golden Child singles… I can definitely see the appeal of ‘Genie’ and (especially) ‘Lady’. So I understand why you love those songs a lot Nick!

      I think ‘Lady’ would also be an underrated Golden Child title track of theirs.

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    • I agree with Wannabe being overrated. I love the song, but it does frustrate me that it tends to be the only song people seem to know by them when their other core sounds are so different. I was actually weirdly proud / impressed that they didn’t include it in their setlist for their recent U.S. tour (at least the central park show) and instead prioritized some bomb ass b-sides.

      In terms of underrated, I think all of their title tracks are underrated, so I will speak on personal experience and say Lady. I didn’t have it on my playlist or even realize was a title track until I listened to your Woollim 9+ list, and as it turns out, Lady totally slaps.

      While I’m here I might as well add that I think underrated b-sides are Crush and I’m Falling. Hello that whole mini album, thank you.

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  2. TWICE!

    Underrated: Talk That Talk. Can I call it underrated? It has huge success as almost everything from TWICE has, but I feel like for TWICE standards something this great didn’t get the reception it deserved. It’s just a gorgeous song. I don’t think anything will beat it this year. It’s a wonderful piece of retro dance/synthpop. The instrumentals are fabulous, the beat is wonderful and funky and the chorus is brilliant. It’s a bold and upbeat song and one of the best singles in their career. What I really like about TWICE is while they keep evolving, they stay true to their roots. They could never have recorded this song back when they debuted, yet songs like Cheer Up, TT and Likey fit perfectly with Fancy, I Can’t Stop Me, Scientist and Talk That Talk. The MV is gorgeous too, a piece of art like every TWICE MV.

    Overrated: Heart Shaker. I don’t hate it, I like to listen to it, but it’ just not as brilliant as TT, Cheer Up, Likey, What Is Love, Knock Knock (songs from those years) etc. It doesn’t have that wow factor for me. Nothing really stands out in the song.

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    • IMO “Fancy” is overrated, not because it is a bad song, but I think “Feel Special” is better and was released off the same album. Never really cared for “Yes or Yes” either.


  3. Super Junior “Black Suit”.

    Both the song and the choreo are under-rated. And its so flexible that they have performed it with anywhere from 5 to 9 people. Its hard to believe the song 5 years old now.

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    • I love Black Suit to little bits, and heck yes, that choreo is underrated.

      I’ll add A-CHA to the underrated pile, in my personal opinion. I feel like it gets kind of forgotten as the repackage title following Mr. Simple, but the vocals go so hard in that song, especially post-bridge. I also really like the grit they sing the verses with to match the brash synths in the instrumental. Little details like that make me happy.

      I struggle to pick an overrated SJ title track. I genuinely like/love the vast majority of their title tracks, and the ones I don’t like quite as much are ones that seem to be less popular. So…I’ll go for “Marry U”, which I don’t think is overrated outside of their fanbase. Most of the SJ fandom seems to adore it though, and while it does have a couple really nice moments (hello, Kyuhyun’s adlibs immediately post key change, to name one), I’m lukewarm on it at best…which probably makes me a bad ELF or something. It has a lot to do with the rap. I don’t like the rap.



    Underrated: FINGERTIP. It’s not my favorite GFRIEND song (Rough) but this song is the beast in their discography. This is how you do girlcrush.

    Overrated: SUNRISE. This is one of the fan’s favorites and I have to admit that the ending of this song is one of the most epic GFRIEND moments. But I would rather listen to Bam and Memoria over this one.

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    • Agree very much. Even though I did Loona, GFRIEND is my favourite group and Fingertip is my favourite kpop song (at the moment, it was Rough until a day ago). Fingertip is infinitely better than Sunrise.


  5. For ONF

    Underrated: On/Off

    I think you could probably make a case for any of the four pre-Road to Kingdom singles, and even though I think Complete, Why and We Must Love are all better than On/Off, it feels like it gets dismissed as a rough draft of a debut, which it definitely isn’t. It probably doesn’t help that it basically has the same name as the group, from a word of mouth point of view. I think it’s also a more unusual (in a good way) single than it might first appear, just in terms of tempo and sound.

    Overrated: Popping

    If I took Youtube views as my own metric, I’d probably have to say Your Song, which I think has the highest view count of any of their singles now (on their own channel’s uploads at least). But that’s probably not the best metric to use. I’ve gone for Popping as a bit of default as I can’t in good conscience say Beautiful Beautiful or Goosebumps are overrated and they feel like the only other options.

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  6. T-ARA

    Underrated: CRY CRY. I love the mix of sassiness, elegance, and melancholy here. This is one of the least electronic and most dramatic/melodic T-ara singles and that’s why it’s my favorite. I always see people talk about Day by Day, Lovey Dovey, Sugar Free and Roly Poly But I believe that Cry Cry is the group’s crowning jewel.

    Overrated: LOVEY DOVEY. Love its quirkiness but it’s just so repetitive.

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  7. Overrated: Butterfly

    It’s ethereal, yet similar natured tracks within their pre-debut material and multiplymultiply exude such feeling with stronger melodies and production.

    Underrated (overshadowed): Hi High

    Hi High, a track dripping in saccharine, propels forward with a rush of unmatched ebullience. A song this sweet easily outdoes the elegance of Butterfly.


  8. APINK

    Underrated: MY MY. This song aged like a fine wine. I love the nostalgia, the seesawing melody, and the bouncy production. Eunji’s bridge is iconic.

    Overrated: NO NO NO. It’s good, definitely a yes. But the last chorus should have been soaring. Eunji is belting those high notes but Chorong’s voice distracts me everytime.


  9. LOONA

    Underrated: Rain 51db (1/3). I have a soft spot for this one. I could cry.

    Overrated: Singing in the rain (Jinsoul). Love Jinsoul, one of the most interesting vocalists and rappers of LOONA, but this song is just meh. Olivia Hye’s Egoist is the song’s better version.

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    • singing in the rain’s chorus is what ruins the song for me. you get some incredible verses packed with marching drums, and then the empty, future bass synth-ridden chorus comes in and derails everything


    • I think “Egoist” is the best debut single out of all of the members. That’s saying something considering the quality of the previous “single” releases.


  10. I’ll pick Enhypen!

    Overrated: Polaroid Love.

    I love the song, but they perform it SO much. It might be so popular because it’s very on the Y2K trend. In terms of ballads, I think Just a Little Bit is a more interesting ballad that showcases their vocals better.

    Underrated: Attention, Please!

    To me, the rock sound fits Enhypen sooo well. Their covers of BTS’s Boy in Luv and Block B’s Very Good still love rent free in my head.

    Attention, please! has so much energy and satisfying melody / progression. A song like Blessed-Cursed which has rock elements is okay but lacks a strong melody / progression. Shout Out, I love, but it’s a little more generic and doesn’t have the same amount of energy as Attention, please!

    Runner up underrated would be Go Big or Go Home. I was really torn.

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  11. EXO:
    Underrated- Lucky One! How could one resist that funky, yet bombastic chorus? And normally I find raps verses unnecessary, but the rap bridge in this song fits really well

    Overrated- maybe Tempo? Idk it just hasn’t resonated with me much. The acapella part is impeccable though

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  12. No one’s claimed Dreamcatcher yet, so I will.

    Underrated – Fly High. I think it’s one of the strongest songs of their early work, just incredibly uplifting and epic.

    For b-sides, Wind Blows and Over the Sky (similar reasons—catchy melodies and heavy with the guitar, uplifting choruses.)

    Overrated – Deja Vu, or Boca.

    Deja Vu has maybe one of the best intros I’ve heard from any song, but I think the piano isn’t really enough to drive forward the momentum.

    Boca just… it has great moments and is creative with the instrumental full of thunder and wood blocks but listening to it annoys me for some reason. I think something about it feels too cliche/”girl crush” for me.

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  13. for WJSN-

    Overrated: Butterfly; its certainly not BAD but i find it much less engaging or interesting than any of their others (especially their others in the same style); I love the vocals in it but the instrumental has less depth to me and its never what comes to mind to me when thinking of their music

    Underrated: Dreams Come True is still my favorite title track of theirs, I think Save Me Save You is objectively better and I can see why it overshadows it but something about that layered part in the bridge leading into the high note just gets me every time

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    • I don’t think “Butakhae” is “objectively better” than “Dreams Come True”, on the contrary I’ve always found it way too polished and boring for me, that would be my pick for overrated track. At least the MV isn’t the visual abomination that “Dreams Come True” got.

      WJSN’s best song as far as I’m concerned is “Secret” anyways. Though for underrated tracks I gotta say I have a soft spot for “Happy”.


      • thats fair!! I suppose by “objectively better” I just mean that I prefer most of the individual pieces in isolation while I prefer Dreams Come True as a complete song, but I can definitely see how it could come across as overly polished. Secret is a fantastic choice for their best-ignoring b-sides its definitely in my top 3 for them!

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          • For me, I’ve thought for some time that Dreams Come True was by far their best song. It’s not an opinion shared by many so very happy to see I’m not the only one.

            Where I am alone is when I state that their most overrated song by far is Unnatural. I find the chorus too shrill, the prechorus tempo changes are odd and the farty brass is annoying.

            It is their only title track I do not like.


  14. TXT!

    Underrated: We Lost the Summer.
    A lot of people saw this as corporate patronization, espcially when taken with other BigHit releases with similar subject matter (i.e. Life Goes On), but TXT always convey emotion so sensitively and genuinely that it felt truly melancholic. Also, instead of a drippy ballad, they pulled something a little different and threw these sentiments over a fun, catchy base. The themes of the lyrics and sound touched me emotionally in a big way and it was one of the songs that really got me into TXT.

    Overrated: Crown
    Crown, to me, is a great song, but my opinion runs contrary in that I think it’s not the Best TXT Song Ever. It was an unusually polished and unique debut that had little resemblance to anything they released later. Because of that, i see it as existing in a category by itself, and it doesn’t make sense to me to compare it with the rest of TXT’s discography.


  15. Ladies’ Code teehee

    Underrated: When they debuted with Bad Girl, the whole industry should have collapsed like that’s how quality it is. You really do not get songs like this anymore. The music is top tier. The mv is quirky – titanic meets polaris secret arms trade. Plus the choreo is a reset, the part where Rise does the solo dance with the male backup dancer???? So good. So so so good.

    Overrated: I don’t thing LC ever had an overrated title track, so I’ll just choose I’m Fine, Thank You. I understand why this song got popular since it’s a ballad that represents the tragedy but… I don’t think a ballad is what we should remember the talented ladies of LC for if that makes sense.


  16. I’ll go for my ults, Seventeen!

    Underrated: Ready to Love. I feel like the fandom collectively decided to hate on this song, which is a damn shame. I don’t think it’s their best song ever, but it’s well-crafted and catchy! I find myself returning to it pretty often.

    Overrated: Thanks. I understand why carats love it so much since it’s a song for the fans, but I don’t think it’s their best work. It’s a pretty song and perfectly fine to listen to, but it’s never struck me as anything super special.


    • Yeah, recently I started listening to Ready to Love a lot more, and it is just my type of song. I heard a lot of people say they thought Anyone was better, but while Anyone isn’t bad, I do prefer RTL. It just is a lot more interesting and catchy to me.


  17. Seventeen!

    Under-rated: The ‘right’ choice for most under-rated Seventeen title track would probably be Boom Boom which just seems to get forgotten by default for most new listeners now, but I’m actually going to go with Oh My! It’s among their more popular songs back when it was released, but surprisingly I don’t see as many people these days making the connection to the initial freshteen quartet (Adore U -> Mansae -> Pretty U -> Very Nice) simply because it came at a later point in their discography. And it’s a fairly unassuming song aside from the bridge maybe, but that’s what I love about it – the way it incorporates both the fun fresh vibe that makes them Seventeen with the more EDM-based and less… ebullient/energetic, more introspective route of their later singles. The fact that it’s tied to an absolutely brilliant summer album and has some of their most fun choreo is a bonus.

    Over-rated: Again, easy choices here would be Don’t Wanna Cry or Hot which both had a huge influx of fans for them but don’t fit my personal music tastes. So I’ll go with something different for this – listen, Fallin’ Flower is lovely, but the aesthetics and everything around it make the song stand out. Just listening to it by itself doesn’t hit me as much as their other Japanese songs do (with the exception of Ai no Chikara). It’s a song that’s elevated by its visuals and I admit that it has some nice lyrical imagery, but it’s far from their best work. I would love it if they had a similar visual concept once again though, it’s so good.

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    • I fully agree about Fallin’ Flower – the song is pretty and perfectly fine to listen to, but the reason people love it so much is absolutely the choreo and aesthetics of the MV/performances. The song on its own is a pretty unassuming entry to their discography.


      • Omg I just saw that you’d replied for Seventeen as well! I agree with your picks too – Ready to Love would have definitely received more attention if not for the circumstances in caratland at the time I feel, it really is good. And yeah, Thanks did strike me as a good pick for ‘over-rated’ as well and I agree with the reasons you elaborated, but at the end of the day I still love it nonetheless myself haha

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    • Oh My is totally underrated!! I feel like b-sides off that album (Moonwalker and Our Dawn is Hotter Than Day) even get more love than Oh My, but I personally love all those songs equally.


  18. Hmmmm… I know you asked us to chose one but I am going to go for 2 groups…for no special reason but just because….

    My ultimate bias group is BTS. The behemoths that they have become, it is difficult to chose a song which is under-rated as such but I really liked some of their songs such as Pied Piper which are not as famous…
    Over-rated? Unfortunately, I am replete with choices on this one… But I would say their English tracks such as Permission to Dance and Dynamite take the cake.

    The second group is probably Seventeen! I know their most famous export is Aju Nice, but some of their recent songs like Rock with you were really good and I preferred them over Hot which I believe is quite over-rated for it to have become so popular in the K-pop world. Also, did Clap become famous in Korea? No clue but its another favorite which should have been more popular if it didn’t.


  19. Since people took GFriend and Dreamcatcher, that leaves me with N.Flying.

    Underrated: Hm. For title tracks, it’s probably Like A Flower. I don’t normally go to bat for slow, acoustic-guitar driven songs like this but this one is gorgeous. It’s not my absolute favorite but I think it deserves a bit more love.

    My favorite underrated B-side might be… idk. Youth/Flower Breeze perhaps. My favorite song on Sotong. Hweseung’s falsetto. Ugh. ❤

    Overrated: Rooftop, easily. It's a good song, but it's a bit languid for my liking and they have so many much better songs so I'm surprised it's the one that made them so popular. I mean I'm thankful for the popularity but I need more of the harder rock sound that I fell in love with.

    Will also never understand why Flower Fantasy got the promotional video instead of Youth when it's one of the worse songs on Sotong. (I don't hate it, but that sing-songy cadence! Ugh! Though I guess better that song than "I'm Gonna" aka the Seunghyub slurp song lmao)

    (Also I love the whole Sotong album to be clear I'm half-joking about my complaints but Youth deserves a lot more love)

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    • Yay, another N.Flying fan!

      For me, my pick for underrated would be the b-side “Pardon?” The lyrics are pretty nonsensical but it is SUCH a fun song! Also, I feel like I enjoyed Sober a lot more than other people (clunky English lyrics and all). Hweseung’s vocals in that song were on another level.

      As for overrated, I got to agree with you on Flower Fantasy.

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  20. Well I’m just gonna use this as an excuse to list some underrated songs I’ve been listening to lately.

    Recently I’ve been listening to BerryGood a lot and I feel they as a group are kinda underrated, but specifically their song “Angel”. I wish violins would make a comeback as a trend in kpop again, like in INFINITE’s “Back” and “The Eye” or Gfriend’s “Rough”

    I’ve also been listening to SISTAR’s “GOOD TIME” a lot from the Shake It EP and that song is also just fantastic. I love fun music, everyone takes themselves so seriously nowadays and I just wanna have fun!!

    Every time I listen to INFINITE’s “Destiny” I also have to listen to “Inception” as well. Kinda miss those types of songs in kpop too, haven’t heard any like that in a while it feels like.

    SHINee’s ‘Like a Fire’ and ‘Hitchhiking’ are some of my favorite SHINee songs and I have to listen to them pretty much every couple of weeks. “Dazzling Girl” and “Colorful” are some of my favorite mood boosters too.

    And finally Red Velvet’s “Ladies Night” is so so amazing to me. I love the instrumental and the groove so much. It’s got everything I love: a lil bit of brass, some strings, a pretty flute and a catchy melody. The girls’ voices are just the cherry on top and I never see anyone mention this song ever. I think it’s such a great song and honestly not a sound we hear super often in kpop. Their song “Day 1” is also one of my favorite mood boosters from them.

    Not gonna think about any overrated songs because I’m in a positive mood today.

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    • “finally Red Velvet’s “Ladies Night” is so so amazing to me. I love the instrumental and the groove so much. It’s got everything I love: a lil bit of brass, some strings, a pretty flute and a catchy melody. The girls’ voices are just the cherry on top and I never see anyone mention this song ever. I think it’s such a great song and honestly not a sound we hear super often in kpop.”

      ” Ladies Night” melodically falls short to my ears, unfortunately, but it has that true late 70s sounding instrumental (with” real” instruments). Especially, that flute. I think it can be classified as some form of disco pop. Quite rare in kpop and the only other similar song i can think of is B1A4’s “Sweet Girl”. Producers should be making a lot more of this sound.

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  21. Red Velvet

    Underrated: Umpah Umpah. It is the most straightforward pop song the group has released as a title track. It checks all the boxes of a traditional “summer” concept with the music video, imagery, and outfits. Yet, I believe people find this song boring because:

    1) It doesn’t have the same energy as Red Flavor or Summer Magic, which I think people feel like are Red Velvet’s best summer title tracks.
    2) It was in middle title track in the Reve Festival series of 2019 between the memorable, yet quirky, Zimzalabin and my other choice for this post, which is….

    Overrated: Psycho. I like this song and I know there are fans that would argue like a lawyer in a courtroom about why this is the BEST song Red Velvet has ever released (especially those who only like the group’s Velvet side). In addition, people feel like Psycho is an end of a “golden era” for Red Velvet because of the time it took for them to come back as a full group and the overall replay value of the music they’ve released since their return.

    But, I think Peekaboo and Bad Boy do a better job showing off their Velvet side. I’d also argue that the best era of music for Red Velvet is from 2017 to mid-2018, which captures all their projects from Rookie to Summer Magic. (A group that can release songs like You Better Know, Kingdom Come and Blue Lemonade as B-Sides while having excellent title tracks at the same time is doing something right).

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  22. SKZ! Overrated would probably be God’s Menu — for sure it was their big blowup moment, but I don’t think it stands out much from their other title tracks in quality, and it doesn’t fit my taste as much as their other popular title tracks (Miroh, Thunderous, etc.).

    Underrated: would say Side Effects, but as far as I know it has a fairly devoted following, even if it’s less popular than their other title tracks. Probably District 9, then — especially as a debut, it really set them apart from other groups and showed what they were capable of, and the rap in the second verse really gets glossed over by the fandom way too often in favor of the more recent stuff. I get instantly hyped whenever I hear that combo of siren + xylophone synth (?) in the intro. Also, rock really suits their style — personally I feel that they could’ve returned to that sound more than they did over the years. I never understand the people who say Hellevator should’ve been their official debut.

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  23. One of my favorite groups is I-DLE (who is making a comeback soon!!) So for overrated, absolutely Latata. It’s a good song sure but their discography is so diverse and interesting and this one feels so muted and not-them at all. For underrated, I’d say HWAA. A gorgeous, traditional ballad with a great metaphor and beautiful vocals. It got a bit overshadowed with Soojin’s departure I would say, but it’s such a standout in an often similar industry.

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    • “Hwaa” is God-tier. I would go with “Tomboy” as overrated. I’m glad they had such success after Soojin’s departure, and I like the song, but compared to their previous releases, I’m not sure it will stand the test of time.


  24. I’ll go with Lovelyz! It’s kinda hard because they have such a solid single run, but I’ll try my best.

    Underrated: Honestly, Twinkle. It iis a seasonal song, but it has a clear beat, it’s catchy and it is very energetic. The vocals are trademarked with quality and it sounds like a video game song, which is a subgenre Lovelyz wasn’t afraid to explore. Another candidate for this would be Beautiful Days, since it has such a good nostalgia feeling to it.

    For overrated, I’d have to go with Destiny. It is a beautiful song and it is iconic, however I feel like people usually pick this and song as their best, either because of the Oh My Girl cover or because they just didn’t check out the rest of their discography.


    • Such great picks! Honestly agree with everything you said here.

      I might put Obliviate here only for the hype it got from the ‘Lovelyz Go Dark’ concept, it wasn’t a bad song but it wasn’t a good Lovelyz track.


  25. Hmm… I might go for Ateez I guess because SKZ & Dreamcatcher have been done already and for my other bias Oneus I really can’t think of a song I find overrated 😅 (Underrated is To be or Not to be forever lol)

    So for ATEEZ!

    Overrated : Answer or Thanks
    I actually like these lol, no doubt and they do perform it nicely – but as a song sometimes they both make me feel kinda jaded. In fact, these are the two I keep forgetting myself when I think of Ateez. They are fun with the performance like any other Ateez song but the song itself I don’t think much about

    Underrated : Utopia maybe? Like… I don’t know how popular it is or anything but it’s one of my fave from them and I don’t see it mentioned much! It’s the kinda song that gives me goosebumps when I listen to it! 🙂 And another one would be Good Lil’ Boy! One of their few old bsides I really loved!

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    • I agree with Valkyrie being overrated, which I think is a pretty unpopular opinion. It’s a memorable debut but I just can’t with the trap breakdowns–they sound so out of place and dated. Thankfully they’re somewhat disguised in the rock version.

      For underrated I would say Black Mirror. I think it got a little lost amid all the other retro-influenced songs that year, and it’s kind of an outlier in their discography, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.


  26. The Boyz:

    Honestly pretty predictable but,
    Underrated: Right Here (least liked title track in the fandom somehow. Always last in polls)

    Runner up: Giddy Up and Boy

    Overrated: Reveal (idk what everyone sees in this song)


  27. ok u KNOW i had to do one for my boyz so

    underrated: no air/right here/breaking dawn
    i genuinely dont understand why ppl think no air is their worst tt….like if u ask me this is tbzs answer to dont wanna cry like the amount of pathos in that song is incredible…..also easily one of the best bridges in their entire discography (KIM SUNWOO U WILL ALWAYS BE FAMOUS)
    as for right here (aka my fav tt of theirs)……in an alternate world this song wouldve blown up every single chart gotten 10 music show wins and got tbz out of nugudom. but alas nobody paid attention to it and to this day its their least popular tt and if u ask me that is a complete and utter CRIME. in the meantime tho ALGO ITJANA (YEAH YEAH) NE JARIN EODI (RIGHT HERE) NAN JIGEUM YEOGI (RIGHT HERE RIGHT HERE) I KNOW BABY YOU W
    and for breaking dawn…..all i will say is this. sunwoo came into that recording booth MAD AS HELL and his flowers for that are long overdue

    overrated: reveal/whisper

    (side note: i wouldve put maverick here too but the love/hate ratio for that song is 50/50 so i wouldnt exactly call it *that* overrated)

    not rlly much i wanna say abt reveal but its NOWHERE near as good as so many deobis make it out to be. like there are WAY better songs on the album that couldve been great tts (cough salty cough)
    as for whisper personally my gripes w it have less to do with the song itself and more abt the circumstances surrounding it. if u were following the guys during their tour ud know that they were horrifically mismanaged in terms of timing….like they had to write the lyrics record the songs/mv and do the concept shoots ALL WHILE THEY WERE DOING A WORLD TOUR (and thats not even counting their kcon fiasco) so honestly i dont blame the tt/mini for feeling so halfbaked. AND YET we still had so many dumbass deobis who were like “omg vote harder we need to get whisper a win!1!1!1!” like. the guys were getting sick/injured all throughout promotions and sunwoo even had to drop out midway through bc it was that bad……is that REALLY what matters most here. also idk why ppl were acting like whisper/the mini was one of their best bc like i said. the guys clearly had no time to plan shit out and it shows. anyways rant over hehe


    • coming back bc i realized i didnt say much abt whisper itself but. ya idk why ppl were expecting a masterpiece from them considering the godawful time management they had to deal with……to me its just thrill ride 2.0 by way of hot sauce era nct dream (without eric might i add) like it doesnt rlly do anything new w their sound at all so its definitely in the bottom half of their tts imo

      as for the rest of the mini….again its nowhere near as good as ppl are making it out to be like to put it on par w mf CHASE???? ur just setting it up lmfao
      (i will say tho survive the night is easily one of their top 10 bsides. everyone say thank u sunwoo)


  28. I’ll take Victon since no one’s done them yet (and I’d say their discography as a whole is severely underrated), although I don’t talk to enough Alices to know exactly which songs are held in higher or lower esteem generally.

    Underrated: I’m Fine. I get the impression this one doesn’t get a lot of coverage these days, even though it was the debut song, because their image and visuals are so different now? Which is a shame, since it’s a sparkly gem. I’d put it alongside Genie on the Underrated Bright K-pop Playlist.

    Overrated: I know people who loved What I Said and I just… didn’t; the sledgehammer beat seemed to overwhelm everything, and Hanse got far too much space for what was ultimately not one of his best raps. Also I’m glad Nostalgic Night got them a lot of success but I don’t love it either, mainly because, although there are some really pretty parts, the chorus feels disjointed.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. i’ll take oh my girl

    underrated: remember me – i dont see much people talk about this a lot, but its so incredible. you get a buildup in the chorus that makes you think it’ll switch to some drop, but it instead gives you a soaring melody and switches to the 2nd verse. “windy day” is still my favorite omg song but i just wanted to make a special mention for “remember me”

    overrated: nonstop – this is the song that blew them up, but its one of my least favorites in their discography. the drop chorus and the constant trap breakdowns really derail the energy here and prevent me from fully enjoying the song

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    • I wanted to do Oh My Girl too. Your over-rated song is what I was going to go with, but –

      underrated: Closer. I’m fascinated by this song. If I were a DJ working Ibiza, I’d include it in my sets, overlooking the ocean, as the sun goes down; I imagine everyone would be like: “What is that tune?!?”


  30. NCT U:

    Overrated: The Seventh Sense, never understood why this song is so worshipped among fans. I get that it’s a difficult song to perform but it’s still kind of an oddball in my book.

    Underrated: Without You, A masterpiece that has never been seen nor heard from since. In a different universe this is the sound NCT ran with, and that universe is frequently blessed with bops and an employed NCT vocal line.

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  31. CIX
    Overrated – Cinema
    It is perfect pop, but it lacks a little bit of the drama I go to CIX for. It’s a great song and far better than clunky Wave, though.

    Underrated – Numb
    Perfect blend of soft and hard elements and full of CIX. If you only go by part of the chorus, it come off as a thumping typical boy band song. But there is so much more – intricate harmonies, sharps raps, ad-lbs galore. It takes you places.


    • I will not consider Cinema as overrated tho. It’s their best title track so far and it deserves all the praise. I think Movie Star is far more overrated. It’s their most popular song, and it might be a good debut for CIX, but the song is kinda generic.

      I agree that Numb is their most underrated title track, but for me 458 did much better in case of ‘perfect blend of soft and hard elements’.


  32. Since nobody’s covered them yet, I’ll do a second one and pick my ultimate group, Infinite!

    Underrated: Last Romeo
    It’s their final title track with Sweetune, and a song that has only grown in stature for me as the years have gone on. It’s really the perfect Infinite song, but I don’t think it’s mentioned that often when compared to other songs in their arsenal. Even among Sweetune-produced singles, it seems to be far from the top of the list of their most popular, well-known comebacks.

    Overrated: Be Mine
    Be Mine is a 10-out-of-10 legendary song, but it’s so iconic and huge that I weirdly don’t end up playing it as often as others. It deserves every ounce of love that it gets. I just wish some of their other tracks were honored by the general public in the same way.

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    • Nick you’re *really* hurting me. Be Mine is one of my favorites. T_T If anything it just goes to show that Infinite’s discography remains underrated.

      Anyway for underrated of course I agree with Last Romeo, I might almost say Man In Love but I think that track gets a good amount of love in comparison

      An overrated Infinite track? I can’t imagine at this point, I don’t love The Chaser as much as you do (I do like it, but it’s barely in my top 10) but I think it’s more of a you thing that I wouldn’t call it overrated per se 😛

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  33. I think I will go with TVXQ. There are two songs of the group which I think would be overrated.

    The first would be Spellbound, which was not a big hit, but remains a fandom favorite. It is by no means a bad song (possibly even a 9), but is by no metric is it one of the group’s best moments.

    But my pick for their most overrated moment is Are You A Good Girl. Musically, the song is fine, but I find the lyrics veer a little too problematic for me, they sound entitled and bossy, even misogynistic. Mirotic may have garnered controversy, but this song is much, much worse.

    TVXQ have so many underrated singles The rock-tinged Free Your Mind is easily one of their most underrated singles. However, I give the win to the K-Drama OST Athena, one of the best songs of the 2010s and like no one is talking about it?!

    Special note to Phantom, their most underrated song, though it is a b-side.

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  34. SHINee.

    – Overrated: Hello. I found nothing interesting about this song, totally skip song when going though shinee playlist

    – Underrated, basically any B-side Shinee song? They’re so good~~~ especially when performing at big stage. But for title song, Atlantis is such a masterpiece that audience just pass it easily.

    btw, one more for my ultimate bias. Taemin
    – Overrated: nothing, he deserved all the praise he get
    – Underrated: dare I say every single track in “Press it” Album???? I mean, come on, Guess Who, Sexuality ????
    But I’d love for everyone to listen to Identify. Such an dramatic way of telling his life story. Love it.

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  35. Don’t see anybody taking Purple Kiss yet so…

    Overrated: Ponzona – Their debut title track was decent enough, but nothing special to me. I didn’t get interested in listening to their first mini until I realized their predebut releases were on it, which started a trend of having at least one b-side on each mini that I like better than the title track. (And a trend of loving each of their releases)

    Underrated: MemeM – This track got little love from its review here, but I’ve grown to appreciate its stop/start rhythms much more on repeat listens.


  36. VIXX!

    Overrated: Chained Up.
    Chained Up has always fallen flat for me. The instrumental is overstuffed, and for a song about BDSM I want it to feel way sexier. But it just comes off as unconvincing.

    Underrated: Girls, Why?
    This is a bop! VIXX’s vocals are front and center, there are like 5 different hooks, the string instrumental is lovely. I love VIXX doing hard-hitting concepts, but they fit goofy diddies like this one so well.



    Underrated: Shampoo – fantastic from start to finish. Everything just feels so magical. The intro is already 10/10, insane! Where’s Daishi Dance?

    Overrated: Because of You – I just can’t with the autotune.


  38. GIRL’S DAY

    Underrated: Don’t Forget Me – the swan in their discography. This is one of the forgotten Girl’s Day singles, it’s far from their signature image, and even Hyeri disliked this song. “Don’t Forget Me”, you will be always be famous in my book.

    Overrated: Expectation – the verses are charming, the bridge is thrilling, but the chorus just doesn’t hit that right. Still a great song, though.



    Underrated: Nothing’s Over – at first, I found this song underwhelming hahaha. But it grew on me, and now, it’s one of my faves. That key change!

    Overrated: Be Mine – a legendary song. But I feel nothing while listening to this song.


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