Song Review: TAN – Beautiful Lie

TAN - Beautiful LieSince their debut this March, TAN have blitzed the K-pop market with three promoted singles. That’s pretty impressive for a rookie group, and new track Beautiful Lie adds one more comeback to the list. The quality of this music has varied, but I’m glad the guys have been able to keep their name out there. Even within a relatively sparse field of male debuts this year, it can be tricky to stand out. New single Beautiful Lie doesn’t quite match the success of March’s Du Du Du, but it’s an improvement over their past two tracks.

If anything, Beautiful Lie is a victim of its familiarity. Until we get to the rugged chorus, the song is simply repeating tropes we’ve heard dozens of times in recent boy group tracks. The opening is especially exhausting, kicking off with the kind of muted synths that make my eyes glaze over. This sound has been overused to the point of parody. The same could be said about the second verse breakdown, which (as always) feels shoehorned in for no other purpose than ticking an imaginary K-pop box.

But, then we get to the chorus. The beat gains texture and drive and we’re finally dealing with a dance track that seems to have some bite. The melody isn’t very engaging, but I enjoy the propulsive energy. This continues through Beautiful Lie’s final forty-five seconds, which carry the song out on a high. It’s a solid effort from the a group still developing their sound, but a little more ambition might have pushed the track over the edge.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

Grade: B

5 thoughts on “Song Review: TAN – Beautiful Lie

  1. This is the song where they reveal that they are the not-rookie-rookies, because it sounds like a song that has the polished confidence of a mid-career boy group albeit one that still plays within the lines of contemporary kpop.

    This could be from almost any boy group mid-career. If you told me this was from ABC247 or V.lanc or SP_ACE or 5IVE Teen, I would believe you. … … not real bands, could be.

    Rating is a bit high perhaps, perhaps because it is well done and these days well done can mean a solid B rating.

    (thanks again to WackoAzmt for the names) (Lolz SP_ACE, I love that one. I want to hear a band called SP_ACE)

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  2. Honestly I agree with you! I saw something in this song of theirs – I love the ‘beautiful lie’ high part. I hope they aren’t overworked though.


  3. I personally very much enjoy Tan’s music and think they are very consistent. In regards to this song, I enjoy it, however I think it is a grower and that it takes a few listen to appreciate it fully.

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  4. HEY! A brightly coloured boy group with a catchy beat!

    This is – just – unique enough in its production that my ears perk up. I really love the postchorus! I agree with Myma that these guys sound confident and comfortable despite being relatively new on the scene – reminds me of MCND.


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