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Open Discussion (October 23, 2022)

Open DiscussionIt’s Sunday, which means it’s time to end the week with an open discussion post!

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Each week, I’ll open with a question to get the conversation going. Feel free to chat about anything, but if you’re not sure what to write you can use this question as a starting point.

This week’s question:

‘Tis the season for tricks and treats! Let’s build a spooky playlist to soundtrack the rest of the month. What are your favorite K-pop songs and concepts for Halloween? 

46 thoughts on “Open Discussion (October 23, 2022)

  1. During the first year of this blog, I wrote a Halloween playlist feature. Many of those choices hold up, but of course there have been tons of new songs released since then.

    The Bias List’s Ultimate Halloween K-Pop Playlist

    For today, I’ll go with a song that’s a little under the radar. Synth-rock group The Midnight Romance released “Nightmare” in 2020 and its dark electronic sound is just perfect for spooky season! The video’s super atmospheric, too.


      • One of my all-time favorites. Funny enough I am literally wearing a custom sweater with the MV logo for Married to the Music on it as I type this, and my Stray Kids obsessed co-worker just saw it irl and asked me what what it’s from and she started watching the video immediately. I am literally a walking talking SHINee advert and I’m proud of it (lol)

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  2. EXO’s Monster is my Halloween favorite, but I also have to mention ATEEZ’s Deja Vu. It was released right around this time last year and they gave it a Halloween themed performance video, and now the holiday and the song are inseparable in my mind.

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  3. A fun fact about is that I truly, from the bottom of my heart, hate Halloween. but! I have been trying in recent years to find something to enjoy about spooky season and have found I much prefer “campy” over “scary” halloween stuff if i must do halloween. Music-wise I feel like anything a bit off-kilter fits the bill so my playlist is a little random but has highlights like:

    Wonderland – ATEEZ
    Peek-a-boo – Red Velvet
    Obsession – EXO
    Why Not? – Loona
    Tail – Sunmi

    And the recent addition of ‘Dead Man Runnin’ by Seulgi

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  4. I think I should mention the kings of Halloween themed songs and concept VIXX especially voodoo doll. Another performance I like is A.C.E cover of VIXX On and On

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  5. I would be remiss not to mention Dracula (lala-la-la) by F(x):

    and the live of it is even better :

    Black or White by Cross Gene is incredible for the season (TW: Blood, Violence, Death) –

    Full Moon by Sunmi:

    And lastly, TT because it just is:

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  6. Obviously Dreamcatcher and VIXX, and they’ve already been mentioned. A couple of other ones I like:

    Need to talk about Pink Fantasy. Man I want to root for this group, they can be maddeningly inconsistent but when they deliver they absolutely do. Their metal songs are my favorites for obvious reasons, but Iriwa is also good. Anyway, absolutely, for Halloween they have to be in the conversation.

    Dreamnote’s “Ghost” is pretty good.

    ATEEZ’s “The Black Cat Nero” is also so much fun.

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    • on that note tbz are the only artists i know of whose universe app songs are actually good like how tf was this not a tt for a vampire themed mini (also sweet shouldve been the tt for be aware and i will stand by that shit till i DIE)

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  7. Something non-obvious/kinda creepy in theme:

    I’ve also realized the bassline is pretty much identical (note-wise, and in tone) to Charlie Puth’s “Mother” haha. I think I prefer GWSN’s take, though.

    Another stalker anthem:

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  8. Wicked Night: The Chain G.

    Zombie: Purple Kiss

    Don’t Tease Me – from Speed, creepy circus

    Black Cat Nero – Ateez

    And of course Monster and Obsession from EXO.

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  9. Some of the tunes from Hotel Del Luna (Punch’s Done for Me, Taeyeon’s All About You) and The Witch’s Diner (Yeseo’s Fair Dish), NCT’s The 7th Sense is proper creepy.

    Of all the songs this year, you can’t do any better than Changmin’s Devil. Another new one is Girl’s Generation’s You Better Run, a sort of sequel to their earlier Run Devil Run.

    One song I absolutely love, that would have fit perfectly on Hotel Del Luna’s OST, is JeHwi’s Dear Moon, from the My Mister soundtrack (which has similar nocturnal vibes). [I’d post music videos for these, but I haven’t figured out how to do it.]

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  10. A lot of what would be on my Halloween playlist has already been mentioned, but a couple B-side additions I haven’t seen mentioned yet that fit the Halloween vibe aurally for me:

    -Psycho – Baekhyun
    -Ticky Tocky – Super Junior
    -Let Out the Beast – EXO
    -Monster – SuperM

    And a couple title tracks that may not necessarily fit from a concept standpoint but sound like Halloween to me:

    -Mr.Mr. – SNSD
    -Criminal – Taemin
    -Lucifer – SHINee
    -Bad Love – Key

    And if I expand considering that I think some funky songs (I blame “Married to the Music”) and anything that sounds remotely like “Thriller” also sound like a Halloween party waiting to happen, then my playlist explodes (add “Devil” by CLC, “Beautiful Night” by Beast, etc. ad nauseum)…

    …I may have to actually build this playlist now.

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