Song Review: Alice – Dance On

Alice - Dance OnAfter a lengthy hiatus, girl group Elris reconfigured as “Alice” earlier this year. The rebrand was devoid of fanfare, as the group emerged with a barely-promoted ballad. It turns out this was just a teaser for their true comeback. New single Dance On re-introduces the girls with a bang, drawing upon K-pop’s retro trends for a crackling dance track.

From the first teasers, I’ve been looking forward to this one. The vocal arrangement during the chorus promised to delivery Kara-era Sweetune vibes – a sound I’ve missed in girl group K-pop for years. And while the rest of the song isn’t quite as towering, Dance On is a big standout. Its giddy energy continues where IVE’s After Like left off, delivering a similar sense of excitement. Alice are more than up for the challenge. They sound fantastic – full of confidence and spirit after what must have been a difficult couple of years for the group. Dance On is the kind of K-pop joy bomb that can turn any situation around.

The song’s second verse gives me pause, as it threatens to devolve into the heavily-affected sing talk plaguing so many groups. But, this diversion is brief and Dance On quickly rights itself. And when we’re talking about the merits of this track, we must begin and end with its chorus. This segment is a thing of beauty — a neon punch to the gut. It puts vocal and melody up front, assured in its ability to thrill without trendy flourishes or instrumental tricks. Welcome back, Alice! Your song has single-handedly revitalized this dull month in K-pop.

Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 10
 RATING 9.25

Grade: A

15 thoughts on “Song Review: Alice – Dance On

  1. This song deserves to catch on and become a hit but I doubt it will since it’s not released by one of those try-hard groups releasing songs that all have lyrics of bragging about much better they are than everyone else. The chorus is just too good to be slept on.

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  2. I know I’m the biggest defender of noisy music here (and I still think Jackpot is a better song than this) but this retro sound is undeniably catchy and irresistible. That chorus is amazing as well. I know this isn’t the usual Alice/Elris sound but I don’t mind if they turn to this genre for future releases.


  3. Reminds me of KARA which is always a great thing, but for some reason falls slightly short in terms of melody… could have been incredible with a few tweaks, as such a disappointing listen for me tbh.

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  4. Just as you expected, ALICE has saved Kpop october. Not a never-done-before greatness, but it’s definitely good and one of these songs I’ll replay while cleaning the house. Also, it is the type of music that Kpop hasn’t seen that much these past months, especially not from the lesser-known girls. Very nice! Hope it makes the girls more popular.

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  5. Like always, the best songs of the year come from less-than-well-known groups I would have never known of had I not kept up with this site. Hell, I don’t know if I’d still be listening to K-pop at all if not……so grateful for that.

    Love this song. It has a similarity to Dua Lipa’s Levitating in that the chorus is hardly melodically interesting or diverse, but it just works due to the rhythm and the production under it. Also agree with the vocal layering, it just makes the chorus almost blend into the texture of the synths and piano and makes it sound just so much bigger. Had the last chorus been tweaked just a bit for extra impact, this might have been one of the top five best tracks of the year. Easy 9.

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  6. I’m going to try to avoid making this song the butt of my jokes. Up front, I like it. It’s well-rounded and isn’t plagued with a lot of artificial fillers. In hindsight, this group has tried to emerge from the backside of the stage since the start. While some of their discog is just cushion, they’re still pushing, so credit where it’s due. Here’s to hoping there’s fewer bumpers slowing them down in the future!

    Well, it seems I’ve managed to make as ass out of myself yet again, so if you’ll excuse me, I need to go work on my car starting with getting some of that junk out of the trunk.

    P.S. Yes, Sohee, I noticed. *sly winky face*

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  7. I have to genuinely say thank you for introducing this song to me. What an absolute rush of joy. This is like when I heard youha’s abittipsy for the first time on your blog. Immediate love!
    (on a different note, I’ve been following your blog for around a year now and I’m always looking forward to what you have to say. Thank you for your… commitment? I guess? :D)


    • You’re welcome!!

      And thanks for the kind words! It helps counter the crazy fans on twitter today accusing my words of “inciting hate” and saying I should be punished 😳


  8. This is exceptionally festive! To be honest, K-Pop has been filled with a lot of retro-y, disco-pop songs as both title and B-side material, but the way this is arranged with such powerful mixing on the chorus’ vocals completes it. I don’t really vibe with the song yet since it has been a while for me to seep back into those KARA, T-ARA, old GG loud sounds again – This is the type of K-Pop that I;m into in elementary, but it hasn’t been that way since I delve back into K-Pop. However, I feel it’ll be worth it to put this on my favorites – it’s perfect for strolling and walking around, exercising, or even dancing randomly in my room!

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  9. Immediately added it to my playlist. The melody and their voices are full of power and contagious charm. I love the song and I’m happy that they put more budget into this comeback because Power of Love became one of my favorite ballads of the year.

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  10. I really hope this is a sign of a true new start for the group. Elris had always been on my radar but I never returned to their music often. I need some new kpop dance queens and I hope Alice can be just that!


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