My Favorite J-pop: Wednesday Campanella – Aladdin

Wednesday Campanella - Aladdin
With such a busy slate of K-pop releases, I don’t always have a chance to rave about some of my favorite J-pop. This week, I’ll be giving an overview of some of my favorite acts and songs. Hopefully you’ll find a new obsession to add to your playlist!

Why I Love Aladdin (and you should too)

I mean, has their been a groovier groove than this in the past decade? I tend to use the phrase “rhythm inside rhythm” to describe music like this, though I’m sure there’s a more artful, technical term that would suffice. Whatever you call it, this groove is so densely packed and breathlessly alive. Groove and rhythm are the tenants that cause me to worship at the alter of the Jackson family, and Aladdin comfortably sits beside the discographies of Michael and Janet. If you know me at all, you know I don’t say that lightly.

Wednesday Campanella are still active today, though vocalist KOM_I left last year. It’s impossible to imagine Aladdin without her. Her expressive performance is like something from another planet, yet tied to a tautly-constructed pop song that never feels self-indulgent. It’s the perfect match of quirky and accessible, with neither extreme overpowering the other.

Honestly, I don’t see how anyone could sit still while this is playing. It’s such a joyful burst of energy.

I enjoyed this! Where should I go next?

For me, nothing else in Wednesday Campanella’s discography comes close to Aladdin, but their colorful, creative music videos are always worth watching. I recommend Ra and Ikkyu-san. Their newer stuff is also quite experimental and offbeat if you’re into that sort of thing!

Hooks 10
 Production 10
 Longevity 10
 Bias 10

Grade: A+


7 thoughts on “My Favorite J-pop: Wednesday Campanella – Aladdin

  1. Wow, this is great. I never would have heard this otherwise. Keep them coming, I’m eager to learn about J-Pop, but the recommendations curated by others online isn’t usually to my taste.


  2. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES I LOVE THIS SONG!!! The instrumental in it is FANTASTIC. I sang this at karaoke (or attempted to) and told my friends that the intro instrumental is a banger and when it started playing, they agreed LOL. I haven’t done a deep dive into WedCamp’s older discography but I think Melos’s intro and verse instrumental comes close to how much I like Aladdin’s. Though Melos goes into edm-y territory for the chorus.


  3. Once again, Jpop video that is stylish as hell, with an highly efficient budget. Concept over budget. The first half of the song is one shot, the rest ad libs.

    Yes, agree, hot song. Its does so many things so well, and best of all its fun. It does not take pop music too seriously and does not overthink it. I had the autotranslate clicked on, and I must admit I can’t think of any other song that is about cleaning products and also Aladdin’s genie lamp.

    The percolating bubbliness reminded me a bit of Expose’ “Point of No Return” and “Come Go with me” from the late 80’s. Expose’ was insanely popular on the radio back when. They still rank high on top ten girl groups of all time.

    There were a million dance and club remixes of these two song below, and samples and interpolations by DJ’s, so it would not surprise me if This Sound has percolated its way around the globe to include Jpop on contemporary synths.


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