Song Review: The Boyz – All About You

The Boyz - All About YouThe Boyz have had a packed 2022, but only a small fraction of the year was spent promoting a Korean comeback. To tide us over until the next release, they’re back with a special single on the anniversary of their 2017 debut. Yes, we’ve officially entered the month of fan songs and holiday fare. Last December was unusually busy, with the debut of IVE and big releases by ONF and Everglow. A song like All About You feels much more in line with K-pop’s end-of-year wind-down.

This track is pretty, and as far as fan songs are concerned it’s got a bit of bounce to it. All About You is at its best when it feels like it’s about to transform into a shimmering synth ballad. The pre-chorus gets close, but rather than go full-on vocoder with the effects, the production remains on the acoustic side. Without instrumental flourishes to draw attention, the song’s fortunes rest on melody and performance. Both aspects are solid if unspectacular. All About You makes a few satisfying melodic turns, most notably during its pre-chorus and chorus. But, the track is too subdued to leave much of a mark.

The Boyz deliver an amiable performance. It’s always nice to hear them sing comfortably, free from the histrionics of a title track. Like the song itself, their vocals go down easy. All About You is an “in one ear, out the other” affair, but it’s a pleasant sense of vacuousness that understands its purpose. I don’t know if they’ll end up putting this on an album, but it would make a nice closer.

Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25

Grade: C

3 thoughts on “Song Review: The Boyz – All About You

  1. Not really a ballad, more like a mid-tempo, but in kpop world this is called “ballad”.

    To my ears, this sounds like an alt-BTS soft one, like a “Film Out” or “Life Goes On” except its by The Boyz. Even the parts distribution matches BTS style: it would start with Jungkook, next line V, the chorus would alternate Jungkook paired with Jimin high harmony then Jin paired with V low harmony with more crafted airy high harmonies, 2nd verses low parts go to the rap line RM – Suga – Jhope, before passing it back to the vocal line.

    Its fine, but not my style. I don’t really do Hallmark channel-style soft mid-tempos.

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  2. It’s not bad, it’s just too bare and empty. I like it but I wouldn’t listen to this willingly even though I usually love soft songs like this. I wouldn’t skip it if it comes on though.

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