Song Review: Henry – Moonlight

Henry - MoonlightAs the lines between industries continue to blur, it can be difficult to decide which songs to feature on this blog. Is Henry’s English-language Moonlight *technically* K-pop? Probably not. But, it’s a very slow week for new releases so the song is sneaking onto my review schedule. After all, this is the same Henry that dominated my 2013-14 playlist with standouts like Trap and Fantastic. Since leaving SM Entertainment, his music has embraced more indie sensibilities. Moonlight continues that aesthetic.

I never thought I’d say this, but Moonlight is basically “Henry goes Harry Styles.” It’s a breezy pop track anchored by a catchy hook and carefree energy. It’s far more rock-influenced than I would have expected, and this sound fits Henry’s voice well. The song is too easygoing to dislike. It knows the limits of its ambition and never seeks to push beyond them. This approach is a double-edged sword. By not offending anyone, Moonlight threatens to fade into the backdrop.

As hazy mood music goes, Henry delivers an appealing sound palette. The light-footed instrumental has major California vibes. It’s nostalgic – even if that nostalgia feels a bit canned. I miss the unique touches of violin that characterized his most exciting singles, but it’s easy to understand why Moonlight embraces a trendier sound. This is easy-listening soft rock for our current generation, enjoyable in the moment but unlikely to have a lasting hold on many playlists.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

Grade: C


9 thoughts on “Song Review: Henry – Moonlight

  1. Where are all the dreamers that I used know?
    We used to linger beneath street lamps in the halos and the smoke
    The wing and the wheel came to carry them away
    Now they all live out in the suburbs where their dreams are in their children at play

    Goddamit pop music is so dull these days.
    This whole song clocks in at 2:27 long and says almost nothing worthwhile about the human condition. What happened to his violin?

    This song makes me cry, every time, long after the song is sung.


  2. this song definitely feels like something harry styles would make. sounds pleasant, but probably wont return to it often

    anyway, i recently discovered this song from the nugu basement, and its quickly become one of my favorites from below the kpop iceberg. it reminds me a lot of sweetune’s works (i definitely hear 9muses’ wild in it)

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