Song Review: Primrose – Primrose

Primrose - PrimroseMusic quality aside, it’s always nice to see the debut of a unique K-pop configuration. An idol duo is hardly a new idea, but we don’t see many of them within the industry. Primrose aim to break that pattern, stuffing all the bombast of a group comeback into two skilled performers. Judging by their self-titled debut track, the girls are more than up for the task.

While I don’t find Primrose all that engaging as a song, I’m impressed with its strong vocals and inventive production. Its big-voiced power notes feel very SM Entertainment in execution, while its undulating groove pulls from the darker undertones of girl group K-pop. The production is intentionally fitful and I appreciate the moments when it goes a little bonkers. The chorus has a very cool backdrop, opening with sludgy hits of bass before adding guitar and skittering drum beats. Predictably, I long for a stronger melody over the top. But, there’s enough going on underneath to make this hook interesting.

After a brief rap verse, Primrose moves into a languid detour leading into its second chorus. The structure is creative, but keeps the song from finding the big standout moment it needs to really establish itself. Right now, this feels more like “potential” than “potential fulfilled.” On the plus side, that gives us a lot to look forward to in the future. If Primrose can find the right song to showcase their skills, they could easily become a 2023 dark horse.

Hooks 7
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

Grade: B-


9 thoughts on “Song Review: Primrose – Primrose

  1. This song gives me aespa and dreamcatcher vibes. I definitely was waiting for a bombastic instrumental break near the end, but I’ll take the song as is. This might be weird to say, but it feels like this song was made with good intentions. It’s satisfying to see acts of lesser status release good material

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  2. There were a few times there that one or both of them sounded very close to a Taeyeon style, which is not a bad vocalist to mimic.
    I am intrigued. Ladies, tell us more.

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  3. I dunno if it’s just me but I prefer Comely off the mini. Regardless, I’m interested to see whatever else this duo may have in store.


  4. Their voices were quite nice, and I agree maybe with even stronger material they could really show their potential! I thought this was a group from the teasers because I’m kinda dumb and thought the different styled girls were different people 😂😂 So it being a duo kinda came as a suprise, the song was alright though and they seem quite interesting.

    My favorite song of today is undoubtedly the Dreamcatcher fansong Reason 🙂 Ah, it feels good to hear that sound again! ❤


  5. Oh this is good. It’s tame and could have used a much stronger ending but overall it’s not bad. I like it.


    Don’t know if you’re going to do a review on it. I really like it though.


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