Looking Back: The Top Three K-Pop Songs of March-April 2008

Looking Back

March-April 2008 Overall Thoughts

In addition to my monthly K-pop round-up, I’ve taken a look at my favorite three singles from each month since 2009 and factored them into my ultimate Bias List scorecard, which can be found here.

The problem is, prior to 2009 it becomes harder to find reliable sources for K-pop release dates. I’m going to do the best I can with the information I have, but occasionally I may place a song a month early or late (it becomes even more confusing when you factor in separate release dates for mv and album!). And because K-pop releases were far less prolific fifteen years ago than they are today, I’ve decided to feature two months each week. That gives me more music to choose from and ensures I’m not spotlighting songs I dislike simply because there’s nothing else that came out during that period!

This was a fruitful period for some of the biggest boy groups of the moment. Veteran act Shinhwa celebrated their tenth anniversary with a blitz of group and solo releases. My favorite of these songs is represented in my top three picks.

SS501 also delivered multiple title tracks. Deja Vu is my definitive standout, and one of those long-forgotten classics I wish everyone could hear. Rounding out my top three is Epik High’s One, a song that still sounds great today.

Elsewhere, Girls’ Generation repackaged their first album with the sugary mid-tempo Baby Baby. It’s not one of their stronger singles, but its carefree vibes definitely deserve an honorable mention. Soloist Son Dam-bi made her first comeback with the electropop Bad Boy featuring label-mate Kahi. Notable debuts came from Moon Ji-eun and A’ST1. The latter went on to work with Sweetune for 2009’s excellent Dynamite. Back is also a great pop song.

And of course, I can’t forget to include Nell’s Time Spent Walking Through Memories! If you’re a mega-fan of Infinite’s Sungkyu as I am, this song is pretty much a template for the bulk of his solo career. He even covered it years later!

Honorable Mentions

Andy – Propose (video)

A’ST1 – Back (video)

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) – Baby Baby (video)

Moon Ji Eun – Molla Molla (video)

Nell – Time Spent Walking Through Memories (video)

Shinhwa – Run (video)

Son Dam-bi – Bad Boy (ft. Kahi) (video)

SS501 – A Song Calling For You (video)

Notable J-Pop Releases from K-Pop Acts

TVXQ – Beautiful You (video)


3. Jun Jin – Wa! (ft. Bigtone & Bless One)

2. Epik High – One (ft. Ji Sun)

1. SS501 – Deja Vu (full review)


3 thoughts on “Looking Back: The Top Three K-Pop Songs of March-April 2008

  1. man i really like deja vu, it has all the right stuff that should be in an ss501 song

    anyway, id just like to mention that a few months ago, i posted what’s probably the most liked comment on the entire website on the pink venom review, where i made up my own kpop girl crush song. thats a good achievement for me


  2. I discovered Epik High’s One sometime last year when I was diving into the older gen songs of kpop and from first listen I was blown away! I really love how the vocals and rap mix together – it’s a style that’s rarer in songs today. Now we have the whole vocal part-rap section structure which has its own advantages in the sense you can separate them out. But I really really love the other style!

    I also adore the MV! I still haven’t watched with the lyrics but the very mood and vibe makes a huge impact on me!


  3. Bad Boy and Wa! Showcased what would become staples in the next couple of years – auto tune and club music.

    SS501 – seen the name but never heard their music. From watching A Song Calling For You, I though these guys seem cheesy and quirky, but Deja Vu was kinda cool.

    Epik High’s One I heard before and like the above commenter mentioned, the vocal/rap dynamic in this song is a standout.


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