Song Review: Cignature – Aurora

Cignature - AuroraWe last heard from Cignature in late 2021 when their title track Boyfriend opted for familiar “Top 40” pop tropes that could have been pulled from any global music market. New single Aurora (오로라) returns to a more quintessentially K-pop sound, offering a straightforward take on the bubbly energy that fueled past comebacks like Arisong and ASSA.

Your experience with Aurora will likely hinge on your feelings about chirpy, truncated melodies. The song’s verses are filled with these cutesy sing-talk moments. It’s not a style I’m very fond of, but there are moments when Aurora takes flight. After a fitful verse, the pre-chorus sweeps in with renewed focus and drive. If the entire song sounded this way, we could have a real standout on our hands. Unfortunately, the track reverts to chirpy hooks for its boisterous chorus. I like how the instrumental fleshes out here, and the melodies are certainly catchy. But, the constant rounding up of the vocal lines results in an affected aegyo that doesn’t fulfill the potential of the pre-chorus.

Similarly, Aurora’s verses have a difficult time crafting a consistent energy. The second verse is particularly frustrating, slowing to a crawl before shifting key for a few high notes. It’s a shame, because there’s a lot to like about this song. Even with its incessant aegyo tropes, the chorus is strong and memorable. At its best, Aurora delivers a bright blast of feelgood pop that’s well-targeted to these cold winter months. I’d love to see Cignature build on its strengths for their next comeback.

Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

Grade: C+


10 thoughts on “Song Review: Cignature – Aurora

  1. I actually appreciate how long the pre-chorus and chorus is. I also don’t think there were too many tempo changes, and I hate tempo changes so I would talk crap about it if I found it to be an issue here.
    Overall it’s cute and pleasant enough for what it is.


  2. its alright. the aurororora hook might grow on me, but the rest of the song sounds cute if imperfect

    anyway, there’s going to be ANOTHER AI group debuting next week called MAVE:, with four members

    finally eternity’s little sisters can step onto the spotlight 🥰🥰🥰

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  3. I wish this song was pitched down lower some of the highest notes are unpleasant to listen to. I’ve never been a fan of jeewon’s voice and I’m not sure what Chloe and dohee are adding, viva and ye-A brought more vocally. At the end of the day, I’m glad they had a comeback, I really thought boyfriend was going to be their last track

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  4. cignature gets the I*zone treatment. I am personally a RIDER for ASSA. It is just the right amount of obnoxiousness for me.
    I didn’t love this and I read somewhere that the group’s future depends on this comeback’s success, which makes me a bit pessimistic.

    Anyways it was cute and I am always interested to see what the less massively popular gg’s are up to…I thought it might be Newjeans influenced but it’s looking like the comeback will be very newjeans.

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  5. I like this track much better than their last comeback. Couldn’t even tell you what the title of that one was I disliked it so much. Getting back to their quirky selves can’t be a bad thing. Now if Weeekly would just listen to how to get back to some semblance of their original sound….

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  6. I’m a sucker for bright concepts, and this one should definitely suit me. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Way too saccharine for me. The “aurororora” hook seemed pretty obnoxious, ngl. As for the rating, low-7’s at best (8,6,8,7).

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  7. Me at 1st listen: this is so dated, C9 are going to disband them, aren’t they?
    Me 3 days after release: hey, it’s cute! Like late 3rd gen cute, isn’t it?
    Me after a week: “AU-RO-RO-RO-RA, AU-RO-RO-RA”. But they gonna disband anyway.


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