Song Review: Kep1er – I Do! Do You?

Kep1er - I Do Do YouWhen I first delved into J-pop nearly a decade ago, the easiest entry points were K-pop acts performing in Japanese. They had built-in familiarity, and the acts tended to take a safe approach that complimented their Korean discography. Now that I’m steeped in Japanese music from Japanese creators and performers, I find most J-pop releases from K-pop acts rather forgettable – more a product than an artistic statement.

Kep1er strike an interesting balance since they count two Japanese performers among their ranks. But like many of their peers, I Do! Do You? is designed for maximum global consumption. As pleasant and upbeat as it is, the song has been smoothed of every edge. I haven’t found its composition credits yet, but I’d be shocked if this wasn’t the work of CJ ENM’s wide net of Korean composers-for-hire. It has that sense of anonymity about it, as if everyone involved received the same rubber-stamped brief and delivered the exact recipe it requested. The song is very whelming, but that’s kind of the point.

On the plus side, I Do! Do You? has verve. The punctuation of its title should tell you that! If we must go generic, I’d rather an upbeat burst of energy than a dark slog. This style compliments Kep1er’s youthful persona and they pull it off as well as can be expected. The entire track bops along pleasantly, fueled by a buoyant rhythm and celebratory blasts of brass. I probably won’t listen to it again, but as a modern J-pop/K-pop product it’s perfectly serviceable.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

Grade: C


16 thoughts on “Song Review: Kep1er – I Do! Do You?

  1. Sounded very safe. This actually sounded like a weaker version of Twice’s ‘The Feels’. Still its the best among their jp releases.
    Wished they further develop the groove at the intro with more bass guitars.


  2. And you got a bingo with the composers!
    Composed by Jonatan Gusmark & Ludvig Evers / Arranged by MOONSHINE
    (the composition credits are individualized members of MOONSHINE it seems)
    The b-side for this single is composed by Glory Face & Jinri of Full8loom (aka they did their title track Up!), so that might be something good.

    I am curious to know – would you listen to this or the latter IZ*ONE Japanese discography? I’d assume, since this song (and imo Wing Wing) has the verve and all, and the AKB mixing quirk is bothersome…you’d choose the former.

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    • Ah, thank you! I forgot they had that highlight medley with the composers listed. The Full8loom song sounds like a banger, btw…

      And yeah, the latter IZ*ONE J-pop efforts are difficult to listen to at times, so I’d choose this generic mush instead. Still, Suki to Iwasetai reigns supreme.


  3. I like it! M says it sounds like Twice’s “The Feels.” My first thought, especially with that pre-chorus, was “Scientist.” Both are songs I really enjoy to this day.

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  4. Acutally the first Kep1er release in a while where i thought during listening “I like it”. They definitly had worse comeback songs. Also i agree on it being designed for mass appeal.

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  5. Well, this is a Moonshine-Sunshine product, and (most of the time) they can do no wrong. I like it, not the most original thing to come out of their repertoire, but appropriate for Kep1er, since they actually match to this sort of sound – I even won’t complain if WAKEONE would get Moonshine-Sunshine to produce Kep1er’s upocming Korean comebacks.


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