Song Review: Park Woojin (AB6IX) – Top Tier

Park Woojin - Top TierWhen AB6IX first debuted in 2019, they were riding high on the existing popularity of their Wanna One members and Produce trainees. That popularity has since faded as more competition shows have emerged and the group’s music has struggled to maintain public awareness. But, rapper Park Woojin still carries plenty of name recognition to leverage for his official solo debut. I’ve always found his personality pretty charming, but new single Top Tier is definitely not for me.

This kind of “gruff shouting over a trap beat” hip-hop isn’t my thing at all. I’m probably just stuck in the 90’s, but I’m looking for car-shaking bass and genuine groove. Top Tier exists more as an exercise in branding. It’s boastful and repetitive, perched over a plodding beat that occasionally incorporates classical samples. The hook is very one-note, designed to shout along with. I understand how it could work in some settings, but those settings won’t include my own playlist.

I know this is a solo debut, but I wonder how Top Tier might have faired with some guest artists attached? A greater variety in tone and flow would have made the production feel less monotonous and a guest vocal could have transformed the melodic pre-chorus into a highlight. Instead, we’re left with that annoying piano sample and a beat that never catches fire. It’s not awful, but this could have been so much more.

Hooks 6
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6

Grade: D

6 thoughts on “Song Review: Park Woojin (AB6IX) – Top Tier

  1. Yanno, where the hell is Zico and GD when you need them? Time was everyone was copying their styles, and it lifted everyone in quality a bit. These days, people seem aimless and we get this pile of meh.

    Also, “I’m a Doctor” doesn’t work for me.

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  2. Ewww, dammit…
    Considering how I’m disappointed or disinterested with literally almost all most recent comebacks being released, I feel that K-pop has been sliding down into the black hole most intensely during the last few months. And Woojin’s debut is the perfect example of this rapid songwriting quality deterioration. Rating is a bit too high, maybe a 5.75 for me at best.

    I’m so fed up with this. Just…fuck it.


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