Song Review: ATEEZ – Limitless

ATEEZ - LimitlessThough I’ve found their Japanese work hit or miss, I appreciate that ATEEZ have stuck with their core production team regardless of which music market they’re targeting. Whatever I may think of their discography on a song-by-song level, it’s very consistent.

Limitless switches things up by changing composers, though members Hongjoong and Mingi retain writing credits. It’s a testament to the strength of ATEEZ’s style that the song doesn’t feel like a huge sonic shift. I’m a fan of some musical choices – especially that distorted synth underpinning much of the track. I also like how the percussion speeds up during the chorus, almost replicating a drum-and-bass rhythm. But as I mention too often, the ingredient that Limitless skimps on is melody. I’ve listened to the song several times and can barely recall any of its hooks. I wouldn’t call them totally ineffective. They just don’t linger past the initial punch.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

Grade: C+


9 thoughts on “Song Review: ATEEZ – Limitless

  1. I understand, I like the song is not a normal kpop track, is an anime ost so was kind of made to fit the genre. I am not sure they have anything with the production team, they wrote the lyrics with help from people and isn’t the usual which was the Madkid Yuki.
    As an anime fan I like it, but I know is not for everybody. To me at least I am very glad they tried the vocals a bit different, specially San and Woo young, San in falsetto reminded a bit of TK and I love TK, so I am happy, I wish to see him singing more like that but that is something that is more attractive for j pop fans. Anyway I am happy they got another anime OST, maybe one day they get a more hardcore anime and can sing a banger with lots of metal influence * I wish*

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    • It’s not the issue that it’s an anime song, Dreamcatcher Korean music already sound like that and we all know who the producer for that group and Ateez are. We know they can do it, but they didn’t work on this and it didn’t sound as good to me


  2. I actually really liked this! This is an anime opening song in every way! From verse to chorus to that bridge to the outro (especially that outro!!)- this is an anime song in every way. I only realised that WAS the intention after reading a comment here and that just makes me appreciate the song even more. I don’t even know what anime it is for – but I can imagine scenes in my head that fit this.

    I think a lot of kpop songs that feel like anime songs would only make the most sense if they are either accompanied by an anime MV or… the listener has the imagination to envision their own MV 😂 I have felt this vibe for a couple of songs before with Billlie’s Ring x Ring being the biggest example for me as a song that just works better as a space-mecha anime theme song than a kpop song.

    And I think Limitless here captures the anime vibes perfectly too! 😀

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    • the anime is Duel Masters Win, something like yu gi oh. The lyrics are very cute and positive since is an anime for kids and teens. But Ateez always have pretty lyrics song can please or not but they never give gibberish lyrics, they like to give motivation to their fans with it.

      you can see the openning

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      • Duel Masters?! OMG!!! I haven’t heard that anime being mentioned in ages!! 😭❤❤ I’m probably that one person in the world who never watched Yu Gi Oh but watched Duel Masters! 😂 Thank you for sharing the link! Now this song is gonna have a nostalgic connection too lol!

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  3. I Like it! with a capital L.

    I think it is the best use of the deep voice since Wonderland-era Ateez. The rest of the vocals sound very nice as well.

    The part I don’t like is the syncopated percussion during the chorus. It is deliberately off kilter, and intellectually I can accept that. But listening to the song casually as one listens to pop music, my body doesn’t know what way to shift and sway with the music. The fast 4-4-beat goes one way, the vocal follows the same mostly with the occasional grace note skip note here and there. Then the percussion never lines up with either. My mind wants to reach into the laptop to a dial and dial the percussion backwards in time half a beat or something.

    Also, the video is almost unwatchable not for its unusual content or excessive lore, but because it looks like a long form glossy gym or sports equipment ad. If that what it was meant to be, they hit that target well.

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    • the point of the mv is to use sport to talk about struggles of overcoming its own limits, is not suppose to be an ad lol Is just to achieve what you want in sports u need preparation and perseverance to finally overcome yourself since you are ur own rival.
      Well to explain bluntly is this, would be difficult to represent the idea of motivation in other way, plus Sports are a huge source of models that portrait that. The gym part is to show there’s a process behind a victory.
      Anyway the lyrics are very pretty, you should check you will understand better the mv.

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      • bah sorry for the spam I dont see edit button here, they did in turbulence a mv showing struggles in other way that’s why I think they decided to do something for simple for the jp song specially cause the budget must be a lot less too.


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