Song Review: Mamamoo+ – Chico Malo

Mamamoo+ - Chico maloTo me, sub-unit projects are the perfect opportunity to make a big swerve and tackle a sound we can’t get in the main group. I feel like Chico Malo (나쁜놈) could’ve easily been a Mamamoo track, which is fine except I haven’t enjoyed most recent Mamamoo tracks. Melding traditional Korean elements with trap beats is a well-worn trope by now, but adding Latin percussion gives this a slightly new style. Still, the song never really goes anywhere and is over before you know it. It feels like an extended intro, which I guess is appropriate given that this is a pre-release. As far as instrumental elements go, I really like the brief strings that close the track.

(Also, I did a double take when I read “ft. Kim Junsu.” Sadly, it’s not that Kim Junsu)

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

Grade: C


10 thoughts on “Song Review: Mamamoo+ – Chico Malo

  1. Nick, I know you’re not fond of this style, and usually I’m not either, unless it’s something special, but I really like the new song by CLC Yeeun – Strange Way To Love. Not asking you to review it, I know it would get a C rating, haha. But for those fond of mellower OST-sounding tunes, this one’s quite nice:

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    • I listened to the Yeeun as well this morning. She has a very sweet charming voice. The song itself is fairly standard ballad solo female fare, performed competently enough for the genre.

      I wish her the best of luck, as the solo female from a disbanded group crowd is very crowded. I myself follow a few of my favorites (eg Sejeong formerly of Gugudan, Keembo duo formerly of Spica ), but I didn’t find this one compelling enough to add my list.


      • This just hits my sweet spot. I could imagine it on the Fifty Fifty album, I can imagine it on Sigur Ros’ Takk album (this tune would sound so good with a bit of MBV-like shoegaze guitar), just a great melody.

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  2. I’m not going to return to this a whole lot- Mamamoo have definitely had stronger fare- but I absolutely loved the music video! The costumes and cinematography were impeccable and I loved the fan choreo Solar has at one point. The song itself is fine enough for a prerelease, and their charisma sells the hell out of it. I’m looking forward to the title track and hope it’s a bit meatier!


    • I always love the hanbok costumes and traditional instruments as well. Plus here they also used some clever but easy and inexpensive staging which I always appreciate. I did not miss at all the usual overabundance or overspend on lore and costumes many are using these days which are only seen for 5 or 10 seconds.


  3. This was a weird experience
    -why a subunit for this?
    -why this song?
    -the backup dancers’ clash with moonbyul and solar so I find myself paying way to much attention to them
    -been a while since I’ve seen such a stripped down video. I’m used to the completely un -immersive cgi of a lot kpop mv’s

    They perform the song well and the instrumental wasn’t the generic one I was imagining it to be. Probably wouldn’t skip it if it played but it doesn’t fulfill my taste very well


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