Song Review: ICHILLIN – Alarm

ICHILLIN' - AlarmThe laser beams shooting from the ICHILLIN members’ eyes in this new music video made me chuckle. This is probably the kindest thing I can say about their new comeback, but we should never discount an effective visual gag.

Honestly, I had to go back to past reviews of ICHILLIN to remember what any of their songs sounded like. I guess they haven’t made an impression on me yet. Alarm is unlikely to change that, as it lacks any personality of its own. A string of K-pop tropes are reheated in ho-hum fashion and by the time we hit the song’s ill-advised second verse breakdown I’m ready to shut the whole thing off. Apart from that moment, there’s nothing objectively awful about Alarm. But, the songwriting lacks imagination. We’ve heard hundreds (thousands?) of K-pop tracks just like this one. It’s essentially a placeholder and ICHILLIN deserve more than that.

Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7

Grade: C-


5 thoughts on “Song Review: ICHILLIN – Alarm

  1. I don’t really follow Ichillin at all but I’ll sell my soul to that one bside of theirs – La Luna! ❤ Honestly it’s one of my favorite bsides of last year and perhaps even my most listened to bside – someday if they choose to go that route I’ll happily get on that train!

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  2. First bank ads and now this song, I’m hearing dreamcatcher’s piri everywhere. I don’t know if that song samples something, if these songs are sampling it or what?


    • This song uses the same sample from ‘KSHMR’ just like in Dreamcatcher Piri,that’s why it sounds so familiar, as his samples have been used in many different kpop songs.


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