K-Pop Risers & Fallers: March 2023

Risers & FallersRather than contain my “Risers and Fallers” feature to a single post in June, I’m going to share a bite-sized version at the end of each month. This will let me account for more songs and make a nice lead-in to the monthly round-up post.

I anticipate most of these ratings adjustments will be negligible: a 0.5 shift here, a 0.25 shift there. But, it’s a fun way to keep track of how my feelings on songs have changed over time – as well as which tracks currently have momentum on my playlist.

And remember, just because a song is marked as a “faller” doesn’t mean I hate it! Falling from a “9” to an “8.75” is no shame. 9+ rated songs occupy a totally different playlist in my music library, so I’m pretty particular about what qualifies. It’s a high bar.

This month’s feature covers the period from February 21st to March 20th.


Onew – O (Circle)
Rating: 8.25 → 8.5

OnlyOneOf – Seoul Drift *Biggest Riser*
Rating: 8.25 → 8.5


Jimin – Set Me Free Pt.2 *Biggest Faller*
Rating: 7.5 → 7

Twice – Set Me Free
Rating: 8.5 → 8.25


21 thoughts on “K-Pop Risers & Fallers: March 2023

  1. I guess for me, the one that I initially liked – but wasn’t sure if it had staying power – but which I still return to on a daily basis, is CLC Yeeun – Strange Way To Love. I remember it got a lukewarm reception around these parts, haha. I totally get it, it’s a pretty mellow singer/songwriter- or OST-type tune. Some might say that it’s not really “K-pop” (although I make no distinction). I just really love the melody. I’m sure it’ll be my favorite song of the month. (Although I have high hopes for IVE.)


  2. O (Circle) started off at 8.5 and ends up at 9 for me. It feels like something only Onew can do. I’d give Jimin a 6, I can’t even finish the song. Twice’s rating is about right I guess, I’d probably give it an 8. I’m stuck in the F.I.L.A era 😅

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  3. Trendz New Dayz, Cravity’s Groovy, Tan Fix You and Superkind Moody are my biggest risers of this month…. and I think it’s very obvious they are all going to be in my top 5 of this month. Nmixx’s Love Me Like is kinda growing too especially because of their lives. And from last month Purple Kiss Sweet Juice and Elast’s Thrill have been massive risers!


  4. I know this was released last month, but I missed the February risers and fallers thread so I’m going to put this here (and also my conviction about this has only increased this month) – BSS’ Fighting has become my favourite kpop release of the year so far, primarily boosted by just how much fun and energy they seem to have while performing it. That really translates to them selling the heck out of the message of the song, and it really has been such a big boost of energy for me. The Caratland performances of this from last week only reinforced that. I love it when kpop is so unabashedly about fun (literally Hoshi said Fighting was not about anything except just cheering everyone up), and I’m so glad this comeback was so good.

    Speaking of March songs, I think Cravity’s b-sides Fly and A to Z have been my favourites, I’ve grown to like them more with each listen. Sadly I’m not as keen on Groovy as I was initially. Agree that Onew’s O is also a big riser – I appreciate more about that song the more I hear it.

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  5. First of all. I’ve kind of gotten over the bad autotune in Jimin’s ‘Set me free Pt.2’ so for me that has risen.
    7.75 → 8.25

    Bobby has released some good music this month. ‘Cherry Blossom’ and ‘Drowning’ are both great.
    Both are 8.75

    Drippin’s ‘Hello Goodbye’ is so so good.
    8.5 → 9

    So!YoON! – Smoke Sprite (ft. RM) is INCREDIBLE.
    8.75 → 9.25 (may rise again)

    The new Cravity album has had me on a chokehold. I’ve listened to it every single day after its release. The album itself is a solid 9/10.

    Other than these, I’ve been listening to a lot of Eric Nam recently. He has some pretty good songs. I’d never really given him a chance but his music is good.

    I love these 3 songs so much.


    • I can’t comment on the others but I agree with you on Jimin’s and Soyoon’s songs. ‘Set Me Free pt.2’ is growing on me now that I’m easing off a little from being totally obsessed with ‘Smoke Sprite’.


  6. Late but here are my risers!

    Circle – Onew (8->8.75)
    I love the hypnotizing chorus! Never still quite gets to where I wanted it to be but its great!

    Fly – Cravity (9->9.5)
    It doesn’t do anything wrong lmao.

    A to Z – Cravity (9.25 -> 10?)
    I adore this song with my whole being! The melody just hits the spot.

    Love Me Like This – NMIXX (8 ->8.5, may continue rising)
    It was a bit underwhelming at first but with the live stages I’m convinced.

    Just do it – NMIXX (8.5 -> 9.25)
    That chorus is has me on the trance. But it is just really good in my opinion.

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  7. God, like everyone here I’ve risen most of Cravity’s new songs. The group is now one of my fave groups of the 4th gen and I can’t wait to see where they go from here. Think of me as the residential Luvity commenter now:

    Groovy: 8.5 to 8.75 (maybe a 9)
    Fly: 9 to 9.5 (maybe a 9.75)
    Baddie: 8.25 to 8.75
    A to Z: 8.75 to 9.25

    Jimin’s like crazy has been on repeat since it came out: 8.25 to 8.75; And I’ve also really enjoyed Rover this month: 8 to maybe an 8.5.


  8. Nothing really fell, but these songs grew on me.
    Set Me Free – Jimin
    J-hope – on the street
    So!Yoon! – Smoke Sprite
    It’s all BTS-related, which surprises me.


  9. Although released in february I’m so happy for FiftyFifty Cupid is doing so well. Their first EP didn’t get enough attention. Cupid is really great.

    Also Set Me Free has really grown on me a lot. As with many TWICE songs I keep discovering new instrumentals and background vocals in their songs. In this case the combination of the intrumentals and these details really have me hooked.

    The instrumentals in the chorus just want to make you dance, they are so groovy. But the song doesn’t beat Talk That Talk and I Can’t Stop Me. The big negative here it’s too repetitive to be perfect. But it does sound very sophisticated and I love the retro disco sound. I also love how the girls express themselves on this record, while they sound better than ever! Last but not least the choreography is really impressive and the MV is wonderful, as are all of TWICE’s MV’s. Got The Thrills is the best song on the EP for me but I love Set Me Free a whole lot.

    Hooks: 8
    Production 9
    Longevity: 9
    Bias: 10
    Total: 9


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