Song Review: Just B – Camellia

Just B - CamelliaCamellia (얼어있는 길거리에 잠시라도 따듯한 햇빛이 내리길) acts as a pre-release for Just B’s upcoming comeback and a taste of what the members can do when self-composing. In K-pop, self-composed tracks are usually slower and more contemplative in nature. I’m not sure why this is beyond the fact that many idols seem to prefer coffeehouse-style music to the bombast of their own title tracks.

With this in mind, Camellia is a tricky song to review. I’ll always applaud artists who express themselves, even if the result may not be something I’d add to my own playlist. Camellia is quite pretty and the guys sound great on it. But, it’s so subdued that it threatens to get lost in the shuffle. The melodies didn’t immediately pull me in despite being delivered with plenty of emotion and skill. I imagine the song will work better in the context of an album.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

Grade: C


2 thoughts on “Song Review: Just B – Camellia

  1. This sounds to me like many of the BTS solos with half the production values and budget. All the soft warm squishy lyrics, softly done in soft tones. If this is your thing, your comfort zone, I mean, fine.


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