Song Review: Golden Child – Crayon

Golden Child - Invisible CrayonIt’s weird being a massive fan of a group while simultaneously wiping a segment of their discography from your mind. You’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger Golden Child supporter in the K-pop review community, yet I have no place in my music collection for the Japanese material they’ve been saddled with.

Listening to a song like Crayon is like peeking into an alternate universe where Golcha’s music is generic and faceless. I wouldn’t have become a fan in the first place if their music had always sounded like this, which means I would’ve missed out on so many non-musical charms and highlights.

Purely as a song, Crayon is dull and unmemorable. It’s elevated by the group’s always-spectacular performance, but sacrifices the characteristics that make them stand out. It’s also marred by an awful hook. “I’m a crayon” is one of lamest declarations I’ve heard in some time, and not in the earnest/dorky way that makes Golcha so appealing.

The only good news is that, with Crayon out of the way, we must be getting closer to a Korean comeback. Right??

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 8

Grade: C


8 thoughts on “Song Review: Golden Child – Crayon

  1. You know what? This isn’t even that bad. I was expecting it to go shout-athon on my face, but it didn’t! Instead it gave me beautiful melodies in the chorus! Have to agree though, the “i’m a crayon” is a bit goofy.

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  2. I actually like this one the most out of their japanese releases. I’d rather them give Bomin some singing parts cause I like his singing more than rapping, but Donghyun’s rap part is a pleasant surprise.

    I’m more curious of what you think about their b-side Weekend, will you review it or nah?

    That being said, I do wish for them to have korean comeback soon. But with Daeyeol and Y in military, plus 3 of their vocalists are having musical shows until July, I think their korean comeback will have to wait 🥲

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  3. Yeah, I think it isn’t that bad. I mean, its not great perhaps flat to low 8’s, but I am not nearly as disappointed as Nick. To me it sounds like another song that uses the flavors of SM-style EXO chromaticism, but doesn’t full commit or lean into it. And that is the problem to me.

    Also, “invisible crayon” is a bit goofy for the styling. This isn’t GD “Get your crayon” goofiness, where he (again) fully commits and leans into it. It is just odd and misplaced visible crayon.

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  4. It’s sung so much better than it deserves. For f’s sake, just make a Japanese version of Lately or Fanfare. Those songs slot in perfectly with hip Japanese dance-pop. I don’t know why they dumb down their stuff for Japan when so many other groups shine. Hopefully the Korean comeback is better.


  5. You know the group is great when you replay it to hear their voices but not the song itself. Nice that y shows up. I can’t wait for a korean release, replay singularly raised golcha on myb list of favorite boy gro ups


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