Song Review: Blitzers – Macarena

Blitzers - MacarenaThe title “Macarena” conjures a ton of memories for this 90’s kid. Most of them include unenthusiastic, teacher-directed dancing at school. Even as an impressionable youth, I never enjoyed the song. It always felt too much like forced fun.

I can’t imagine what reference point a group like Blitzers could have for the word. The song’s producers probably just liked the sound of it. Their Macarena (마카레나) also embraces novelty, though in a distinctly K-pop way. It’s framed by brass samples that deliver a vaguely Latin vibe, but I’m more enamored with the vibrating bass that underlines the track. Most of the production is quite fun and groovy. And refreshingly, it rarely swerves from its central charm.

I wish Macarena found a more consistent series of melodies. Most of the song is simply Blitzers speaking over the beat in a colorful but uncompelling way. The chorus lets the instrumental take center stage, adding a distorted mumble to the mix. The bridge is a half-time mess, though the audio version is much shorter than the extended breakdown used in the music video. I imagine a fun live performance will likely buoy the song’s long-term appeal.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

Grade: B-


14 thoughts on “Song Review: Blitzers – Macarena

  1. I am not overthinking it, I think this is a tidy pocket bundle of uncomplicated fun. Band vs zombie dance off, yes please, also fun.

    I would put it mid to high 8’s.

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  2. I really like this one, I was worried when I saw the song title but thank goodness they didn’t actually sample the macarena. I absolutely used to hate that song and other line dances they made us do in school but back on topic …this is good. I saw the showcase performance and hese kids look like they are having fun. I haven’t been a big fan of their rock influenced tracks but I thought it was a sound that set them apart from the other newer groups.

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  3. Ok, at first I was like, “what the heck am I listening?”, but it kept me curious and interested. By the end of the song I was smiling like an idiot so that’s a win for me. I had a similar reaction to DKZ’ “Un-heung”. I think it’s different and fun and they will probably stand out from the rest of the songs that are out there right now.

    Also, I think it is very smart to have a comeback immediately after PeakTime. Hopefully they get new supporters.

    PS: the teaser, mv and chant video were awesome too! Good for them!!!

    I’m so thankful they didn’t sample “la macarena”😅.

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  4. The song itself may not be super exciting, but the way they performed it made the vibes absolutely immaculate. If I remember correctly, I haven’t liked Blitzers’ music at all since they’ve debuted. But this song is very charismatic, and above all else, feels like some actual authentic fun rather than phoned in industry slop. I’ll take stuff like this over most other boy group music any day of the week.

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  5. Blitzers have honestly been one of my fave new bg and I’ve liked most of their titles so far. This one… I’m not sure if I like the song as such. As much as I love their rapping – their melodies were what really hooked me, so this felt so…. not-Blitzers at times. The instrumental is a real highlight and it really shone in the chorus part. The MV is super fun and for the first time in a long time I actually turned on the subs for an MV to see what was happening in the zombie face-off scene 😂😂

    I liked the fun crazy vibe and yes, the stages would certainly be colorful and fun. Though the song itself…. so far Blitzers are definitely a no skip for me on my Spotify playlist – but right now I can’t imagine myself listening to this without the visuals lol. Maybe it will grow on me…idk right now though!

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  6. It’s hitting the dumb fun part of my brain. Love the keyboard bass – really wished they leaned into the Zapp/Digital Underground side of things more and it was longer. I need to stop for wishing for things I can’t have.


  7. I must be the only one who kind of wanted them to sample Macarena.
    Then again, this already exists to scratch that itch:


  8. This is a blast of fun! I haven’t enjoyed a song so much in a while. This, TEMPEST’s Dangerous and Cravity’s Groovy will be on my summer rotation for sure. It’s pure joy that doesn’t take itself too seriously. And wow- the choreography is also quirky and fun. I would love to see them live.


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