Song Review: Xodiac – Throw A Dice

Xodiac - Throw A DiceDebuting boy group Xodiac have a cool name, and that’s important! But, do they have cool music to go along with it?

So far, the answer is no. Throw A Dice is standard boy group fare, performed well enough but lacking any identifiable perspective of its own. The track moves through predictable segments, from its slowed, dramatic pre-chorus to its chant-driven drop. That latter part is especially irritating. I’m not sure what it’s going to take for K-pop producers to finally move on from this drop-heavy approach to songwriting, but it needed to happen years ago. Without a centerpiece worth coming back to, Throw A Dice is empty calories.

Hooks 6
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6

Grade: D


6 thoughts on “Song Review: Xodiac – Throw A Dice

  1. For the MV styling, plus a point for giving us new scenery to look at. Immediately minus two points for another one with boys pointing guns at other boys. WTF people?

    I think there is some talent in this group. These boys for their age and experience have a higher level of polish than I would have expected. I hope their agency finds them better songs so that they can be shown off better in the future. This song here is about by the books as it gets. Rating, probably about right, maybe a flat 7 for me.


  2. I wish they would have issued an instrumental. I wish they would have leaned into the weird bits harder. I wish those days would come back once more, sorry that’s Stevie Wonder. Their previous single Calling is solid in a nugu way, with a nice, bouncy keyboard bass and a fun chorus. I like that a whole lot better.


  3. This reminds me of YOUNITE in the sense that their pre-debut song “Everybody” was really good but their debut track was disappointing to me. XODIAC’s pre-debut “Calling” created an expectation that was not met with their debut track (My opinion)

    I think there’s talent here, I just hope they get better songs to showcase it.

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  4. First off, the MV is different and nicely done. A lot of the members are very handsome and charismatic. I would watch the MV again for that. I’m intriguied by the group, they really managed to carve out their individual identities with this debut.

    With that said, the song had potential, but it is sad to say that my favorite part of it was actually the repeating beginning melody that reminded me a lot of a something I can’t place. Geometry Dash music comes into mind but I don’t think that is it.

    After that it just fell flat. It is obviously quite a polished performance from the boys themselves but the song is quite basic and hardly anything interesting and intriguing happened.

    The debut still stands out to me in a good way though but not because of the song but because of the MV and the members.


  5. So i checked it because Zo Doohyun from Loud is in this group (btw why is JYP LOUD lineup not yet debuting??) but i hope they’ll get better songs in the future


  6. This was okay but disappointing compared to their pre-debut song. I loved the music video, minus the gun pointing…I don’t get the fascination with this and wish it would stop.

    I looked up their profile and it seems they have “older” and more experienced members which I appreciate. Hopefully their next release will be more interesting.

    Off topic but I’m hoping N.Sign (sp?) don’t disappoint me with their debut. I’ve had Salty on repeat since it was finally released on spotify.

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