BTS – Run


BTS have really thrown down the gauntlet this year and catapulted to the top tiers of the kpop industry. Their two part project, The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, has so far resulted in the brilliantly evocative I Need U song/music video and extended album trailer. Now we’ve got Run, which is itself a stunning long-form, cinematic music video. It’s probably wrong to romanticize teenage gang crime or turn it into fashion, but for whatever reason I find myself drawn to concepts like this. Maybe it’s because I wish I was a little more rebellious! I think it’s also because BTS have managed to fully capture a mood with this video, and that’s an ambition that few kpop groups aspire to. Putting the music video aside, the song itself is an instant head rush. It has a vaguely otherworldly, dreamlike quality to it, despite being one of the more straightforward, poppy releases in their discography. Part of me wishes the production had just a bit of a grander scale to it, but that propulsive chorus gets the job done. Taken together with their previous work this year, it really feels like they’re the group that’s currently leading the hallyu wave.

 Hooks  9
 Production  9
 Longevity  10
 Bias  10
 RATING  9.5


4 thoughts on “BTS – Run

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