Road Boyz – Show Me Bang Bang


This song came out of nowhere. Literally, nowhere. I don’t think Road Boyz (terrible name, by the way) were on anyone’s radar. And nobody’s talking about them, even after the release of this single. They’re from a tiny company and their music video looks like it was shot for about ten bucks, but boy did they deliver with this song. Ignore the overused autotune/vocoder in the introduction. It tones down quickly, and what follows is a propulsive dance track that sounds like a throwback to the way kpop was three or four years ago. I have no idea why it’s called Show Me Bang Bang, since those lyrics never come up. Instead, the guys repeat “can’t let you go” a gazillion times (too many times, in fact). In short, there are so many amateur missteps here, yet somehow the song itself ends up being absolutely epic. I’m a self-confessed Sweetune-addict, and the production here sounds like Sweetune on a budget. It’s a pity that it’s probably going to take a miracle for these guys to stand a chance against so many bigger acts with bigger budgets and better promotion.

 Hooks  10
 Production  9
 Longevity  8
 Bias  9


4 thoughts on “Road Boyz – Show Me Bang Bang

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  2. they actually do say show me bang bang, it’s in the beginning…. it goes “take a ride with us yeah ohhhh we’ll be back come so so come so so come so so, SHOW ME BANG BANG, i got a feeling alone, i got a feeling alone, i got a feeling alone 1 2 3 UH” anyways. show me bang bang is the best song ever released and nothing will ever top it ever.


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