Stellar – Sting

stellar - sting

Girl group Stellar have been engaged in quite a provocative push and pull with the kpop world ever since their debut. They’ve veered wildly from flourescent bubblegum, to in-your-face sexuality, to demure penance for their in-your-face sexuality, and finally back to all-out “sex sells.” Last year’s Vibrato, with its downright uncomfortable music video, was their best track since 2014’s Marionette. Now, Sting continues the sexy, voyeuristic trend, buoyed by a successful crowdfunding campaign that allowed them to release their new mini album.

The song itself is a big step down in energy from Vibrato. It’s more of a sultry, mid-tempo jam, the likes of which has brought breakout success to groups like AOA and Sistar in years past. Unfortunately, the presumed drop in budget is apparent in both the track and accompanying music video. It’s definitely not a bad song, but it lacks the punch of their best material. The warm, tropical funk of the backing track rides along nicely, building to a hook that’s definitely catchy, if not particularly groundbreaking. It feels like one of those tracks that’s more about creating a mood and vibe rather than taking the listener on any sort of journey. The hiccupy synth flourishes and hint of brass are both nice production touches, and keep the song from sounding too generic. I don’t think it will raise Stellar’s ranking amongst girl groups, but it’s another solid entry for them.

 Hooks  7
 Production  8
 Longevity 7
 Bias  6

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