The Top Ten Best Songs by STELLAR

top-ten-best-songs-by-stellarFew groups have switched sounds and concepts as drastically as Stellar. Debuting in 2011, they began as an ultra-quirky girl group with a heavily processed, unique sound that felt as experimental as it was grating. Moving briefly toward fluffy bubblegum pop, the group ultimately landed on sleek and sexy. Here are all ten of their singles, ranked from worst to best.

10. Rocket Girl (2011)

A truly bonkers debut, merging chirpy, heavily augmented spoken-word verses with a a pulsing electro chorus.

9. UFO (2012)

Smoothing out the harsher edges from their debut, UFO would be the last gasp of Stellar’s early experimental electro sound.

8. Fool (2015)

A penance of sorts for the outrage caused by their more provocative releases the previous year, Fool dialed things back for a jazzy take on their layered sound.

7. Love Spell (2016)

Though it may be accompanied by a low-budget music video with no real promotion, Love Spell’s bright bounce remains a highlight of the girls’ 2016 output.

6. Study (2013)

Teaming with Sweetune for the first time, the retro 60’s girl-group blast of Study represented a quantum leap in quality for the group.

5. Mask (2014)

The slinky disco of Mask expanded on the group’s sexier side, offering a sleek backroom bounce and sophisticated hook.

4. Sting (2016)

Taking influence from the tropical house trend before it over-saturated the market, the bubbly bop of Sting’s loungy beat beguiles with its evocative atmosphere. (full review)

3. Cry (2016)

Working with mega-producer Brave Sound, Stellar took their music to the club with Cry’s propulsive dance beat and swirling chorus. (full review)

2. Marionette (2014)

Infamous for its overly sexualized choreography and music video, Marionette nonetheless represents Stellar at their Sweetune-produced peak. Its glossy verses may be standard girl group fare, but that punchy, powerful chorus is all theirs.

1. Vibrato (2015)

A labyrinth of pop hooks, the impressively complex Vibrato pulses with energy out of the gate, but it’s not until the track explodes in its final moments that it becomes clear just how spectacular it is. The girls have never sounded more fresh and adventurous, driven by blasts of brass and sweeping synths.


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