Song Review: Jun Hyo Seung – Find Me (ft. D.Action)

jun hyo seung find meWe’ve had a somewhat steady stream of solo releases by girl group members this year. Hyomin’s Sketch didn’t wow me a week and a half ago, but from the teasers, Secret’s Jun Hyo Seung promised to take a similarly sexy approach, but merge it with a more propulsive dance pop production.

Boy, did she ever. In the past, I’ve noted how much it bothers me when dance tracks feature multiple shifts in tempo. Sometimes I think kpop can get a bit too pleased with its own sense of experimentation at the expense of the actual song. Find Me doesn’t mess around in this regard. It knows exactly what it is, and where it’s aiming. This is a track designed for the dance floor, with 90’s house influences and armies of fuzzy synths sweeping here and there. Even when the beat filters out at the start of each verse, the perceived tempo remains high and the energy never really flags.

On the flip side, this narrow genre focus does limit the track somewhat. D.Action’s brief rap interlude is effective in breaking up what’s ultimately an incredibly strong, yet generic, club track, but it doesn’t last quite long enough. For all its lush production tricks and continuous forward motion, Find Me doesn’t sound as revolutionary as it could. Still, in a month that’s seen its share of restrained, mellow comebacks, I’ll gladly take something as unabashedly uptempo as this.

 Hooks  9
 Production  9
 Longevity 8
 Bias  8
 RATING  8.5

2 thoughts on “Song Review: Jun Hyo Seung – Find Me (ft. D.Action)

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