Song Review: BTOB – Remember That

btob remember thatThree years into their career, BTOB had a breakthrough with 2015’s immensely effective It’s Okay. But now that they’re on their third ballad comeback in a row, we’re beginning to see diminished returns. I was hoping they’d use their resurgence to gradually move back to more interesting material, but they seem to be stuck in ballad mode. The thing is, It’s Okay was a once-in-a-career type of song, so perfectly matched with their skills that trying to repeat it only results in lesser copies.

That’s not to say Remember That is a dud, but it’s certainly slight, and does nothing to move them forward as a group. This time around, we get a gentle acoustic tempo, clearly designed to evoke feelings of spring. Because of this adherence to a restrained, amiable melody, we lose any of the vocal fireworks that made their last few releases so exciting. There’s a hint of that powerful vocal interplay towards the climax, fighting to emerge from underneath a rap verse that’s pretty much a cut and paste of its counterpart from It’s Okay.

Now that they’ve discovered the success they can have as a ballad-focused group, BTOB can’t simply rest on their laurels. They need to slam us with one of the excellent uptempo tracks that buoyed their 2015 albums before releasing exactly what we’ve come to expect from them lately. It’s all about variety, and keeping the listener guessing rather than sending them gently to sleep on an (admittedly pretty) spring day.

 Hooks  7
 Production  6
 Longevity 6
 Bias  6
 RATING  6.25

2 thoughts on “Song Review: BTOB – Remember That

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