Great Performances: Beast – Fiction (live on You Hee-Yeol’s Sketchbook)

Beast - Fiction (live on Sketchbook)Now that Hyunseung has officially left Beast, permanently changing the group’s DNA, I thought it was a perfect time to share this gem of a performance. Sketchbook is a show that’s known for its live performances. Often backed by a live band, the stage is the best possible showcase for Korean artists on TV.

I’ve said before that Fiction is Beast’s best song, and watching them perform it two years later, when they’re at their peak, is a real treat. Melding the live band and back-up singers with the electronic track is an absolute revelation, imbuing the already dramatic song with added heft. The guitar alone elevates this to another level. The guys look great, and their vocals are as strong as they’ve ever been. I’m a little biased, but Yoseob’s vocal performance is almost super-humanly flawless.

The group won’t be the same without Hyunseung. He’s got such a unique tone that has become synonymous with their music. But, I hope this departure doesn’t mark the beginning of the end for Beast. They are one of the absolute best groups in kpop, and we need more performances of this caliber in the future.

2 thoughts on “Great Performances: Beast – Fiction (live on You Hee-Yeol’s Sketchbook)

  1. The departure of Hyuseung is such a big loss for Beast . Is not as if he was a visual or something like that, Hyunseung was an important part of the vocal team. Hearing their lives will not be the same and to be fair I don´t think any other member could live up to Hyunseung´s parts. I never got to see him in person singing fiction T.T and well, now I would never hahahah

    Seeing all this members for the 2009 rookies leaving their groups or even the groups themselves hinting at dibanding gives me so much nostalgia, they were the one who introduced me to kpop with their ( sometimes admittedly embarassing ) debuts.


  2. I’m sure they’ll manage somehow, but you’re right that there is no replicating Hyunseung’s unique vocal tone. It’s really one of a kind.


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