The Top Ten Best Songs by BEAST

Top Ten Best Singles by BeastFor whatever reason, Beast were the last of Korea’s major boy groups that I became interested in. I knew and enjoyed all of their singles, but it took a long time for me to investigate their entire discography. However, once I finally got around to it, they quickly became one of my favorite boy groups in all of kpop. As with many groups of this caliber, it was not easy deciding which songs should make the list. They’ve had a remarkably consistent run. I was especially sad to leave off Shock and Beautiful.

REVISED 8/3/16

10. Adrenaline (2014)

The group has rarely tackled rock elements, but their first original Japanese single builds an entire song around an impressive, energetic guitar riff.

9. Bad Girl (2009)

Their debut song, and its volley of hooks remains potent today. It definitely sounds more dated than much of their material, but that’s part of its cheesy charm.

8. Ribbon (2016)

A dramatic ballad that utilizes a massive synthesized violin riff to trace its sorrowful lines. (full review)

7. Breath (2010)

The first Beast song that had captured my attention, and that’s down to the intense, corrugated beat, dark image and memorable choreography.

6. Midnight (2012)

Originally released in Korean, and later as a Japanese single, Midnight is a perfect example of the group at their melodic best. The sleek chorus is to die for.

5. How About You? (2014)

Their best Japanese single to date, and one of the breeziest, most carefree-sounding tracks in their entire discography. Some songs just sound like summer.

4. Beautiful Night (2012)

One of the few straight-up party songs they’ve released as a single, Beautiful Night is the best example of what a Beast hype track can be. They’ve yet to fully replicate it since.

3. Good Luck (2014)

An absolute monster of a song, touching on balladry, electro, hip-hop and classical elements — in other words, everything that makes them such a great group. The chorus hits hard every time, providing one of their most memorable and sing-along moments.

2. Shadow (2013)

I very nearly put this at the top, as it’s impossible to fault Shadow in any way. You’ve got a gorgeous melody, dark, dynamic production and a hook to die for. It’s the most mature Beast has ever sounded, with an elegant aura that makes the most of each members’ talents.

1. Fiction (2011)

When you think of Beast, it’s hard not to come right to Fiction. No song has better defined their sound and image. Just when you think you’ve played it into the ground, the melodic builds and melancholic production pull you back in and make every beat feel fresh again. It’s a song that reveals itself over time, with an unexpected weight and impact. An absolute classic.


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