Song Review: Sol T – Curveball

Sol T - CurveballSol T are a brand new girl group who are making their debut with the slinky hip hop of Curveball. It seems that they’ve perched their sound somewhere between EXID and 2NE1, which is definitely a refreshing departure from the cotton-candy sweetness of most rookie girl groups this year. After all, groups like 2NE1 shouldn’t have a monopoly on this darker, more attitude driven style. We need all the diversity we can get in kpop. So, the sentiment is admirable. What about the song?

Curveball isn’t likely to offend anyone, but at the same time doesn’t possess the necessary hooks to leave a lasting impact. Being a debut group is all about standing out. Very few will find success on their first go round, so it’s almost more important to be memorable in some way. By virtue of their look and sound, Sol T may succeed in that regard, but it probably won’t be because of the actual song.

Every element of Curveball is efficient, professional and performed well. Unfortunately, the track seems to be stuck at one level throughout. We have that ubiquitous brass sample underlining the chorus, though at least this chanted hook is more fleshed out than I’d first expected. I would have preferred something more melodic (and something that didn’t sound so much like a copy of EXID’s LE). Still, this central refrain is easily the track’s most addictive moment. Between choruses, we have verses that are utterly forgettable in their sheer monotony. It’s a case of wasted space, and wasted opportunity for some dynamic builds and interesting rhythmic turns. But again, it’s hard to call anything about this song bad. It just doesn’t beg for repeat listens.

 Hooks  6
 Production  7
 Longevity 6
 Bias  6
 RATING  6.25


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