The Top Ten Best Songs by U-KISS

Top Ten Best Songs By U-KISSNow that U-KISS is set to come back in Korea after quite awhile, it’s the perfect time to look back at their title tracks so far. U-KISS are one of about a half dozen groups/artists that debuted in 2008 and still enjoy some level of success. But their notoriety in Korea has taken quite a tumble over the years, most likely due to their focus on a Japanese career. They’re a group that has never really broken out as completely as they could have, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t given us some amazing singles throughout the years.

10. Believe (2012)

2012 was a year that saw the group focusing on an uptempo club sound, and Believe‘s heavy electro beat certainly hits the mark.

9. Shut Up!! (2010)

Forged from heavy electronic elements and distorted vocals, Shut Up trades traditional pop melody for an experimental, performance-based structure.

8. I Like You (2009)

U-KISS has worked with Brave Brothers on and off throughout their career, but some of the earliest material is still the best. I Like You‘s throwback strut acts as a better launchpad than their underwhelming debut.

7. Kissing To Feel (2016)

One of their strongest Japanese singles, Kissing To Feel‘s hard-hitting chorus marked a return to form for a group that had been mired in mid-tempo indifference for far too long. (full review)

6. 0330 (2011)

U-KISS specializes in their dance tracks, but 0330 is without a doubt the strongest midtempo they’ve released. The hooky instrumental provides a sentimental bounce that goes down easy, despite some cringey English.

5. Tick Tack (2011)

Their j-pop debut, and still the best Japanese single in their arsenal. The surging instrumental perfectly fuels the frantic power of the track’s insistent chorus.

4. Neverland (2011)

One of the group’s signature tracks, powered by its herky-jerky beat and bright, electronic burst of a hook. It may be the biggest pop moment U-KISS has ever given us.

3. Standing Still (2013)

An underrated song from an underrated album. Standing Still fuses the acoustic and electronic for one of the group’s catchiest dance tracks.

2. Man Man Ha Ni (Am I That Easy?) (2009)

The pinnacle of U-KISS’s early sound, enlisting Brave Brothers for a staccato, beat driven electro barrage. I’m not usually a fan of vocoder, but it only adds to Man Man Ha Ni‘s dense, robotic funk.

1. DoraDora (2012)

U-KISS’s most unique, well-crafted Korean title track. Its a case of every song element working in harmony, despite the number of disparate sounds being thrown at the listener. Its catchiest moments are during the rhythmic verses, but the dramatic, rock-influenced chorus provides a surprisingly effective contrast.



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