Song Review: Younha – Get It? (ft. HA:TFELT & Cheetah)

Younha - Get It (ft. HA TFELT, Cheetah)I really had no idea what to expect from this collaboration. We’ve got veteran Younha, who’s most know for her soft balladry, Wonder Girls’ HA:TFELT (Yenny), who gave us the beautifully intense Ain’t Nobody two years ago, and Cheetah, the attitude-filled winner of Unpretty Rapstar season one. On paper, they each bring incredible strengths to the table, but are quite different from one another. Luckily, Get It comes together cohesively… and quite brilliantly.

These are three strong female performers, so we don’t get any of the cutesy fairytale tropes that most girl groups have been peddling of late. Instead, Get It thrives on its punky attitude, coming off like a cross between old-school hip-hop and the shout-pop of international groups like Sweden’s Icona Pop. Impressively, it pushes all three ladies in new directions, providing ample room for personality to shine. As the only rapper of the bunch, Cheetah stands out most on first listen, but the in-your-face chorus is the true centerpiece, going right for the jugular with a rare k-pop expletive. Done sloppily, this could have turned out as a half-baked attempt to come off “hard” or badass. Instead, it retains a sense of much needed playfulness.

This is due mostly to the track’s structure. Though I wouldn’t necessarily call anything about it subtle, Get It‘s laidback break beat and subdued electronic flourishes give the song that added sense of cool. It never swings too wildly in any single direction, hiding its ambition under a veil of off-the-cuff, effortless swagger. It’s a great showcase for all three performers’ charms, and a nice counterpoint to some of the summer’s more bombastic pop productions.

 Hooks  9
 Production  9
 Longevity 8
 Bias  8
 RATING  8.5


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