The Top Ten Best Songs by MYNAME

Top Ten Best Songs By MYNAMEBoy group MYNAME has never really had that one big song that would break them into the k-pop a-list. Instead, it’s been a gradual, consistently strong, road. For me, they’re most notable for having not only a great Korean discography, but also killing it with most of their Japanese releases. This is a hard balance to strike, but they’re one of the few groups that have done an amazing job maintaining their quality across cultures. For those that might not be familiar with their music, here’s a great opportunity to get to know them through their best ten title tracks.

9. Stop The Time (2015)

MYNAME’s Japanese output has often focused on a more mainstream, club-oriented sound, and Stop The Time fits easily alongside any established Western act from this genre.

10. Shirayuki (2013)

The group’s best ballad release, laying a gorgeous, harmony-rich pop melody over simple piano backing.

8. Just Tell Me (2015)

Building on their hip-hop influences from earlier in 2015, MYNAME shot back with another deliriously fun party track.

7. too very so MUCH (2015)

A total reinvention, with a bouncy, brass-heavy hip-hop sound. While not entirely original, it’s an explosive blast of mischievous fun.

6. We Are The Night (2013)

The most effective example of their dancefloor sound, We Are The Night represents a mastery of the genre, with a raved up hook and sledgehammer synths.

5. Just That Little Thing (2013)

With its electronic pulse and propulsive, falsetto-kissed chorus, Just That Little Thing paved the way for a more mature pop sound while retaining a sense of upbeat fun.

4. Message (2011)

The group’s debut, and still one of their best singles. Its staccato stomp and beat-driven melody recalls a brighter, less aggressive brother to Shinee’s Lucifer.

3. F.F.Y (2013)

A year into their Japanese career, MYNAME brought the funk with the perfectly constructed stop/start rhythm that cues up FFY‘s anthemic, summertime chorus.

2. Baby I’m Sorry (2013)

Compared by many to senior group BigBang, Baby I’m Sorry represented a quantum leap in maturity with its sweeping melody and melancholic dance beat. MYNAME have never sounded as dramatic and fully realized.

1. What’s Up (2012)

Their first original Japanese single, and the type of song that only gets more addictive the more you hear it. It’s the kind of hands-in-the-air anthem that manages to sound light and airy even as the hooks grow bigger and more soaring, relying on momentum kicked up by its breezy, simple pop melody rather than a sense of inflated bombast.



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