Song Review: Y Teen (Monsta X + WJSN) – Do Better

Y Teen (Monsta X + WJSN) - Do BetterCo-ed groups are a rarity in k-pop, and although Y Teen isn’t an official group (they were formed for promotional purposes), it’s still fun to see this kind of configuration. Y Teen consists of Monsta X and part of girl group WJSN (Cosmic Girls), both from Starship Entertainment. The song itself definitely caters more to Monsta X’s sound, but the girls add a welcome contrast to the guys’ harder-edged performance.

There is so much about Do Better that should totally annoy me. It’s the kind of track that primarily substitutes a hip-hop breakdown for an actual chorus, though at least there are some vocals thrown in to make it feel like more of a song. Luckily, this instrumental hook is loud and proud, lurching and stuttering with aggressive power. It feels more like a climax than a letdown, and this is vital for a track of this nature. There isn’t much melody on display, focusing instead on hip-hop verses that trade between the guys and the girls. This interplay improves an otherwise tired song structure, giving the listener enough variety to keep Do Better from feeling completely stale.

Even so, the song never really builds to anything. I would have loved to see a middle eight that allowed the groups to harmonize and give the track some dynamism. As it stands, the energy level is at a constant throughout, never lulling or building. This makes Do Better a pleasant listen, but also strangely monotonous. It’s much better than I would have expected for something that’s essentially a CF release, but it would be even cooler to hear these two groups pair on a track that allows them to show more versatility.

 Hooks  7
 Production  8
 Longevity 6
 Bias  7

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