The Top Ten Best Songs by DAL SHABET

Top Ten Best Songs By DAL SHABETGirl group Dal Shabet has been with us for five years now, moving from hyper cutesy pop to a more mature blend of dance music. Though they’ve never won a music show or broken into the a-list, they’ve kept at it and their output has only improved. The group now moves into a new era after losing two of its members, and I’m pulling for them to find that one song that really connects with the public. Until that time, we’ve got ten bright, supremely catchy singles to rank.

10. Pink Rocket (2011)

Before righting course, the girls doubled down on their hyper-aegyo sound, resulting in their least-impressive single. It isn’t without its charms, but feels too juvenile for its own good.

9. Supa Dupa Diva (2011)

A chirpy, brass fueled debut that steers a little too closely to novelty. The bouncy, singalong chorus helps ground the song’s more cloying moments.

8. Bling Bling (2011)

Taking influence from 80’s synth-pop, Bling Bling ties together the group’s heretofore bubbly sound with their best melody yet. Things would continue to get better.

7. Mr. BangBang (2012)

Taking a page from 2NE1’s book, Dalshabet melded a soaring vocal melody with an electro beat for a title track that sounds unlike anything else they’ve released.

6. Joker (2015)

Taking on a retro sound, Joker goes big and brassy, buoyed by its suggestive, riff-heavy chorus. It’s not a style that worked especially well for them, but the song is still a fun diversion.

5. Hit U (ft. Bigtone) (2012)

With its heavy percussion and newfound fierceness, the girls made a sudden shift into more mature territory and reaped the rewards. The electric guitar is an especially effective touch.

4. Be Ambitious (2013)

A bright pop confection with an explosive chorus, Be Ambitious did an incredible job marrying all of the group’s sounds into one. It’s as playful and fresh as they’ve ever sounded.

3. Have, Don’t Have! (2012)

80’s style synth pop would quickly become a hallmark of their title tracks, but Have, Don’t Have was the first time it all came together. The song’s ridiculously catchy chorus marked a new high for Dalshabet.

2. Someone Like You (2016)

Coming back stronger than ever, this Brave Brothers produced track fulfilled on the promise of earlier, similar-sounding singles. The entire track is a coiled spring of energy, absolutely exploding during the second-verse rap. It deserved so much more love and attention than it got.

1. B.B.B (Big Baby Baby) (2014)

The crowning jewel of Dalshabet’s synth sound. B.B.B recreates the sleek 80’s dance sound to perfection, floating along a brilliant, sophisticated electro beat. The hyper-fast, staccato bridges are particularly effective, though the entire package is so cool and refined that there really isn’t any clunker of a moment. It’s be far the sexiest offering from their singles run, and one of the finest girl group songs of its year.


7 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Songs by DAL SHABET

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  5. All these Dal Shabet songs are just making me appreciate Subin’s talent more. (Not that I don’t enjoy them, just that Subin’s artistry and depth are almost totally unheard of in Kpop world.)


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