Song Review: Jun. K – Think About You

Jun. K - Think About YouAs well as being the main vocalist for boy group 2PM, Jun. K is responsible for my very favorite 2PM-related song — the utterly magnificent Love & Hate. His solo career has been more hit and miss since then, but I’m always curious what he’ll come up with next. As far as soloists-from-popular-bands go, his sheer creativity rivals that of G-Dragon.

I’ve seen many raving over Think About You already, but I’m afraid I can’t fully join the party. Much of it is due to personal preference, as this track fits within the “future bass” genre that I’m really not fond of. As an example of that sound, I suppose it at least feels warmer and more personal than many of its peers. But, even though Jun. K crams an admirable amount of emotion into the song through his intense performance, the overall effect is still frustratingly skeletal. The instrumental lurches forward with an uneven series of jolts, continually in search of a through-line. I appreciate the accent of strings during the second half of the chorus, which helps amp up the drama and transition beautifully to the melancholic coda. Other than that, the overall beat feels too plodding for me.

While I can appreciate the cauldron of disparate elements that make up the production — particularly the funky-as-hell synths in the middle eight — Think About You just doesn’t feel like a song. It’s more of a performance piece than anything, and the gorgeously shot music video helps to reinforce that. But performances are best when tied to a memorable piece of music. For many, Think About You will be just that. For me, it doesn’t quite work.

 Hooks  7
 Production  8
 Longevity 6
 Bias  6
 RATING  6.75

3 thoughts on “Song Review: Jun. K – Think About You

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