Song Review: Jun. K (2PM) – A Moving Day

It’s become increasingly difficult for me to review Jun. K’s solo material because, more and more, our musical preferences just don’t match. He’s been at the forefront of experimenting with the future bass genre, which — try as I might — hasn’t been a style I can get into. His more down-tempo material tends to have a strong jazz influence, which suits his unique vocal tone well. But again, it’s not something I tend to gravitate towards. So take my thoughts with a grain of salt (as you should always do!). I could see how a song like A Moving Day (이사하는 날) would appeal to many listeners — even if I’m not a huge fan.

Jun. K’s music has always had a strong personal presence. You don’t get the sense that he’s recording with the goal of chart domination or radio ubiquity. A Moving Day is an excellent example of this. It comes across as a journal entry brought to life, more reliant on performance and lyrical specificity than a knockout hook or intrusive production. His gorgeous vocals are supported by a languid, downbeat instrumental that blends dissonant keys with a gentle touch of percussion. Beyond a bit of extra ornamentation during the chorus, this core sound remains relatively unchanged as the track progresses. This casts a murky atmosphere over the entire piece, well-suited to Moving Day‘s lyrical content.

But as convincing as this overall vibe is, it’s just not a mood I’m drawn to. For better or worse, I seek out music that makes me feel good. A Moving Day is many things, but its essence is that of regret and sadness. Every element is expertly calibrated to convey this emotion, and for that the song gets high marks. But without a more dynamic presentation of this melancholic sentiment, A Moving Day becomes a song that seems somewhat distant. I can appreciate its musical choices, but they never feel particularly engaging.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 5



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