Song Review: Jessica Jung – Wonderland

jessica-wonderlandSolo careers are a tricky proposition. While a group can easily get by on the novelty of its member’s individual strengths and interactions, there has to purpose to a solo artist. What makes them different and unique enough to stand on their own? What need does their solo work fulfill that their group couldn’t replicate?

I was no fan of Jessica’s first foray into her post-Girls’ Generation career, and Wonderland continues in the same problematic direction. This time around, her music latches onto the trendiest aspects of 2016 k-pop, but delivers them in a far less compelling package. The moment Wonderland kicks off, with its repetitive tropical house riff, the song has basically written itself. It’s clear what template is being used — an over-reliance on that simple instrumental hook, paired with a weak, underdeveloped chorus. This only works if your instrumental is strong enough to compensate for a lack of melodic diversity (ie: BTS or BLACKPINK). But in the case of Wonderland, that central riff feels lifeless and way, way too familiar.

In fact, the entire song recalls Taeyeon’s Why from this summer, which is interesting given that Jessica is (presumably) trying to establish her sound apart from Girls’ Generation and its members. Of course, Why was a big hit, as is the tropical house craze in general. But so far with Jessica, we’ve seen an artist that’s really just releasing derivative versions of what’s popular. Wonderland does nothing to tell us why we should care about Jessica the solo artist. Apart from her notoriety and star power, what is her music bringing that we can’t get from anyone else?

 Hooks  6
 Production  6
 Longevity 6
 Bias  5
 RATING  5.75


5 thoughts on “Song Review: Jessica Jung – Wonderland

  1. One thought on your assessment, Idiotic, Moronic, Stupid, Biased, Obvious, etc.
    Okay, I had a few one-worded thought.
    This is obviously over your head which is the most funny part about this article!?
    I loved it and if you think that SNSD is the same without Jessica, then you need to put that soju bottle down. They haven’t been the same since she’s left and I’ve been there since there debut.
    Jessica has loyal fans, and if people are going to throw idiotic comments around then we (her fans) will sweep it up and put it in the garbage container where it belongs.
    Why do you think people miss her so much? It’s because of the very thing that you said is missing (so funny). It’s her uniqueness (singing voice, personality, etc.). Her by herself is making everybody else nervous because they didn’t believe she could do it.
    You and your sorry one thoughts can deny it all you want to, but we (the real people who don’t follow netizens like loser robots) know better. And it’s so funny. Ya’ll even got Hyoheon singing/dancing!?! One thought that, haha.


    • Wow. Feel better after getting that off your chest?
      I’m not sure why you decided to attack me, but you’ve clearly got some hardcore emotion wrapped up in this. I’m going to restrain from responding to your personal insults, because they’re uncalled for and, quite honestly, offbase. But I would like to point out that, even when I am not a fan of a song, I always keep my thoughts critical, respectful and ultimately encouraging to the artist or group. I’m not asking you to agree with me, but I would appreciate that same tone in any comments on this website. The world is divided enough without name-calling on a k-pop blog. I don’t think Jessica would be thrilled about being defended in such a nasty way.


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