Song Review: Beat Win – Rising Sun

beat-win-rising-sunIt’s pretty ballsy for a k-pop group to title a new single “Rising Sun,” which instantly conjures memories of one of the genre’s undisputed classics. But while Beat Win have never really taken off domestically or internationally, they’ve given us a very strong run of diverse dance pop. So in essence, the title is in strong hands.

It turns out that Beat Win’s Rising Sun (태양이 뜨면) is miles away from DBSK‘s. Working with the same composer of this summer’s fantastic Your Girl, the guys go again for a very vocal-heavy sound. The verses are drenched in a repetitive vocal hook that gives the song a lush, sing-along feel. Though they nearly overpower the rap that lies on top, I wish they played an even stronger role in the rest of the song. The guys have an almost choral delivery style, and furthering this would help them stand out among the many, many groups vying for attention in the k-pop world.

Other than the novel vocal arrangement, Rising Sun‘s production is barely there. The softest of beats collides with washed out keys and a touch of what sounds like accordion at the song’s climax. This is a neat little instrumental flourish that gives the track a European flavor, and it would have been cool to see it incorporated more fully throughout the running time. Luckily, the song’s pop melody is strong — if not a knockout — and more than capable of taking the lead. And while it feels like the group is very much working within a shoestring budget (both song and video), at least they’re trying something a little different.

 Hooks  8
 Production  7
 Longevity 7
 Bias  8
 RATING  7.5


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