Song Review: Uhm Jung Hwa – Watch Me Move

uhm-jung-hwa-watch-me-moveK-Pop dance legend Uhm Jung Hwa has returned with double title tracks — her first new music in nearly a decade. After the subdued electro pop of Dreamer (see full review here), Watch Me Move feels like the slightly more anthemic offering.

Opening with an electronic throb, the track’s slinky dance beat perfectly suits Jung Hwa’s airy vocals. It’s the kind of dark, back room atmosphere that paints a picture of a packed club, intermittently highlighted by the slow pulse of strobes. While Dreamer reached for something a bit warmer, Watch Me Move is full-on icy disco. Luckily, its instrumental is varied enough to give the track some drive. The pull-back before the chorus gives the song’s central refrain necessary heft. Jung Hwa’s vocals assist in this, delivered halfway between a melody and an exclamation. The choice to go without vibrato or any sort of fade-out for the chorus’ climactic notes was a smart one. Instead, each line ends in a clipped, almost shrill manner, giving the melody a hint of desperation that really works wonders.

On the down side, it feels as if Watch Me Move will wear out its welcome sooner than Dreamer. Its more simplified melody ingratiates itself quicker, but after a few listens there isn’t quite as much to delve into. It’s a strong track, and an expert revamping of Jung Hwa’s core sound, but the very aspects that make it so enjoyable in the short run may hinder its longevity. Still, taken as a one-two punch alongside Dreamer, Watch Me Move makes a compelling case for the reintroduction of veteran acts into the modern k-pop landscape.

 Hooks  8
 Production  8
 Longevity 7
 Bias  8
 RATING  7.75


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