Song Review: AOA – Bing Bing

aoa-bing-bingFor the first time in their career, girl group AOA have come back with double title tracks. This was a smart move, as it allows the girls to showcase more than one side of their sexy dance-pop. Unlike Excuse Me, which follows the classic Brave Brothers template that built the group’s successful sound, Bing Bing moves back to the brassier, beat-driven style that highlighted last year’s Good Luck.

Whereas Excuse Me was all about its big chorus, Bing Bing‘s melodic hooks are more evenly distributed, resulting in a song that feels vibey, but less streamlined. Its insistent brass riff drives a nimble r&b beat that allows for a nice interaction of melody and hip-hop, with plenty of the group’s trademark ad-libs thrown in for good measure. The chorus is like a restrained version of Good Luck‘s overbearing refrain, built more strongly on repetitive chants than any sort of dynamic melody. Luckily, the soaring pre-chorus makes up for this, employing a gorgeous melodic hook that feels like the song’s high point.

And unlike Excuse Me‘s jarring middle eight breakdown, Bing Bing uses leader Jimin in spectacular fashion, perfectly spotlighting her charismatic rap as the song builds to an effective vocal flourish to bring us into the final chorus. Taken as a whole, Bing Bing doesn’t feel as big or compelling as Excuse Me, but its abundance of little hooks hiding within the song’s otherwise straightforward structure make it a nice counterpart. The girls of AOA are definitely back in fine form.

 Hooks  8
 Production  8
 Longevity 7
 Bias  8
 RATING  7.75

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