The Top Ten Best Songs by AOA

Top Ten Best Songs By AOAAOA debuted with an ambitious concept having to do with angels and band-oriented sub-units, but ultimately found success adhering to a tried and true formula. A string of hits with producer Brave Brothers cemented them as a girl group on the rise, even if it meant abandoning some of their more unique trappings. But regardless of the genre they’re tackling, it’s hard to deny the overall strength of their singles run.

  • Updated 5/28/17

Honorable Mentions:

Oh Boy (2015) – The girls went synthpop for their first original Japanese single, offering a quirky testament to their global potential.

Get Out (2012) – The group’s only rock (ish) title track, this would stand as the last time they ever dabbled with guitars for a promotional release. Truly the sound of a group in transition.

10. Good Luck (2016)

Blasts of brass underpin this catchy, beach-ready slab of dance pop. Not their most inventive, but hard to resist all the same. (Full Review)

9. Give Me The Love (ft. T.M. Revolution) (2016)

A spaghetti western pop stomp underpins the surprisingly potent, undeniably weird Give Me The Love. (Full Review)

8. Wow War Tonight (2016)

Wow War Tonight takes an anthemic pop melody and fuses it to a warm, 80’s-inspired instrumental to galvanizing effect. (Full Review)

7. Excuse Me (2017)

A glossy piece of synth pop with a slick, candy coated chorus that is among the most instant hooks in the group’s arsenal. (Full Review)

6. Elvis (2012)

Recorded in both a “band” and “dance” version, Elvis stands as one of the peppiest pieces of bubblegum the girls have ever released, as well as a true red herring in their discography.

5. Miniskirt (2014)
Playing their newly seductive image to the hilt, Miniskirt is an exercise in subtle hooks that take their time to sneak up on you.

4. Confused (2013)

One of AOA’s more underrated tracks, released just before they started dominating kpop with this exact sound. It’s as catchy as it is sexy.

3. Short Hair (2014)

The group shifted from the overt sexuality of Miniskirt to the pure pop of Short Hair in the summer of 2014, doubling up on the hooks and making a case for utter domination of the kpop scene.

2. Like A Cat (2014)

Like A Cat sneaks its way toward the top of the list by virtue of its supple, indelibly catchy post-chorus hook. It remains the single most addictive element the girls have given us so far, and transforms an otherwise great song into something truly unforgettable.

1. Heart Attack (2015)

Heart Attack is so propulsive in its pop sheen, so unending in its barrage of densely packed hooks, that it’s almost impossible to fully appreciate after just one listen. This is the typical Brave Sound production on speed, and represents the absolute pinnacle of AOA’s ascent into superstardom. Undoubtedly one of the best girl group songs of the last few years.



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