The Top Ten Best Songs by BOYS REPUBLIC

top-ten-best-songs-by-boys-republicDebuting in 2013 as Universal Music’s first foray into the k-pop world, Boys Republic are one of the genre’s most underrated groups. Though they’ve never had that one breakout hit that would shoot them to superstardom, they’ve delivered a consistently awesome series of singles that have run the gamut from light pop fare to edgier, provocative sounds.

10. Closer (2017)

A high-octane burst of electro-dance, Closer pushes forward with an insistent, aggressive pulse that ups the ante for their Japanese output.

9. Orange Sky (2013)

Though not a full-fledged title track, Orange Sky‘s laid-back groove supports one of the group’s stickiest hooks.

8. Only Girl (2016)

Their first original Japanese single, Only Girl’s heavy beat and big pop chorus paved the way for future success.

7. Video Game (2014)

True to its title, Video Game’s addictive hook is supported by a robust synth beat that sounds like it sprung directly from a computer, giving the track a retro flair.

6. Get Down (2016)

Reinventing the group as a post-apocalyptic hip-hop tribe, Get Down impresses with its theatrical, layered chorus and intense atmosphere. (full review)

5. You Are Special (2013)

Bolstered by slabs of electric guitar and fist-in-the-air chants, You Are Special gave the guys a harder-edged, punky makeover.

4. Party Rock (2013)

A thrilling debut, and still the group’s most celebratory release. It’s the rare case of an auto-tuned chorus working absolutely wonders, followed immediately by one of their catchiest refrains. But nothing beats that retro synth solo during Party Rock‘s climax.

3. The Real One (2014)

The Real One gave Boys Republic a more mature sound and image to work with, but the song didn’t cut corners when it came to hooks, anchored by a throwback beat and swinging chorus.

2. Dress Up (2014)

The group’s most playful title track, Dress Up’s repeated chant is arguably the catchiest moment of their career. That said, the enormous, propulsive chorus matches it for power, putting the cherry on top of what could only be considered a flawless piece of k-pop.

1. Hello (2015)

Not many k-pop groups release ballads as title tracks, and even fewer are lucky enough to perform one as melodically perfect as Hello. Boys Republic have given us many amazing, upbeat dance tracks, but none matches Hello’s timeless hook and gorgeous arrangement. Its hazy summertime vibe puts full spotlight on the group’s criminally underrated vocals and results in the most evocative single of their career.


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