Song Review: DIA – Will You Go Out With Me

Whenever you have a music market that’s over-saturated, there are bound to be groups that struggle to stand out. For DIA, this struggle has been a constant one. None of their singles have been unpleasant, but time after time it feels like they’ve been given another group’s leftovers. I don’t doubt the girls’ talent or charisma, though I do wish they’d stop adding members each comeback. The real problem here seems to be spotty promotion and poor choices when it comes to their title tracks.

New single Will You Go Out With Me (나랑 사귈래) has promising moments, but they’re cheapened by a busy instrumental and an overdose of cloying cuteness. When it comes to most current girl group releases, a small does of aegyo is to be expected. It can even be an asset when used in the right places. This time around, DIA turns up the cuteness level right away, kicking off with an irritating verse that blends an attempt at faux-rap with straight-up conversation. There’s very little melody to be found, and the scattershot delivery makes for a jarring introduction.

Will You Go‘s sugary chorus is more successful. Though I wish the girls sang in a less affected tone, the breezy melody provides a necessary through-line to an otherwise messy song structure. Its fizzy, synth-drenched refrain recalls the k-pop of 2009-2011 more strongly than today’s trends. There’s even a hint of Sweetune’s glossy sound as the tail end of the chorus dips to a final, sustained note. But a decent chorus is not enough to power Will You Go‘s three minutes, and ultimately it gets lost in the maelstrom of the song’s more frenzied moments.

 Hooks  7
 Production  6
 Longevity 6
 Bias  7
 RATING  6.5


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