THE BIAS LIST Hits One Million!

Late last night, as I was sleeping, the Bias List officially racked up its millionth view.

In the grand scheme of things, I know that I’m a relatively small fish in a big pond. Hell, many of the k-pop acts I write about routinely manage over a million views in under an hour! But I’m still proud of the readership this blog has built up.

Prior to creating the Bias List, I was a reader and fan of many other blogs, websites and podcasts. But even among the more constructive and thoughtful sources of k-pop criticism, few voices seemed to match my specific taste. The point of the Bias List has never been to convince or persuade readers, even though that’s somewhat unavoidable when writing reviews and best-of lists. The blog is really an outlet for me to process the prolific work of this industry I love so much, and for that it’s continued to be a joy to write.

As we draw closer to the new year, I want to thank each and every reader who has followed the Bias List over the past two years. I hope that I have helped to introduce new artists, songs, producers… or maybe just a new take on your favorite k-pop songs. Please continue to comment and engage. In a climate too focused on negativity, fan wars and unnecessary competition, I’m proud to have built a forum for respectful criticism and (occasional) adoration. Let’s keep that going.

Here’s to two million!

14 thoughts on “THE BIAS LIST Hits One Million!

  1. Congrats! It’s well deserved. I appreciate all the work you put into this site! You’ve introduced me to some great artists/songs/producers! 🙂


  2. its so nice to hear that so many other people all around the world are reading the same blog that really helped me learn more abt thos genre of music that i love so much. only started reading this year but alr read all the reviews u wrote. love that you are so objective (when necessary haha although u are thebiaslist haha) and not focus only on the music video as a lot of other “reviewers” do. this is probably why i mainly only read your blog for reviews 🙂 fighting! heres to 2 million ❤


  3. “(occasional) adoration” oh come on we all know you spend your days worshiping the Sweetune shrine in your bedroom (and don’t we all?)


  4. I’m a relatively new reader but haven’t missed a review since discovering it. You have a great point of view, I don’t always agree with you but you have made me reconsider some songs I had written off and found some new appeal.
    Thanks for all the hard work you do!
    Back:Hug has made it to my playlist 😛


  5. Congrats!! When I first came across your blog around a year ago now, I was amazed at how you reviewed pretty much every song that came out, and each one with actual care and depth. Up until then it seemed like kpop reviewers gave you either one or the other, but not both.

    Your blog also feels like a “celebration” of kpop music to me, especially your top 10 song lists and other features. I think it’s a combination of the way you use words to SO vividly describe how you feel about a song along with the sense of positivity that carries through most of what you write (except when you’re fed up with something and you get snarky and I love that too because it’s so clear how much it annoys you 😀 ).

    I hope you keep going with this blog for a long time, and remain passionate about it to boot. You can trust that I’ll be following along!

    PS. Infinite just dropped their first comeback teaser on the day you get 1 mil views, it’s fate


    • I’m so glad that my writing style has its intended effect!

      And I can’t tell you how excited I am about the prospect of a new full Infinite album. Don’t let me down, boys! (They haven’t yet…)


  6. I started reading your reviews just a few months ago and I can’t really describe my happiness in being able to find a blog that reviews every song with utmost care.
    To be honest I became a fan of your blog after reading your review of TVXQ’s rising sun .I really like how you described it and it helped me find the true beauty in the song

    Also I can never thank you enough for getting me into infinite. I never really tried them but your reviews motivated me to do so and now I am obsessed.


  7. Congratulations, that’s amazing!!! I always enjoy reading your reviews!
    Sorry, I’m a bit of a silent supporter – I always feel a bit guilty about not commenting anything, but I genuinely find I usually don’t have much to say xD
    I hope 2018 is a great year for [kpop] music too!!


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