Song Review: Satori Boys Club – Help You

As often happens this time of year, I’ve been poking around East Asian music from outside the k-pop industry. With new releases slowing to a trickle throughout December, it was as good a time as any to check in with Japan. And one of the most reliable providers of quality j-pop over the past few years has been Stardust Promotion and their sprawling EBiDAN project. I’m not nearly enough of an expert to accurately explain EBiDAN, but its system seems to mirror Japanese boy group stranglehold Johnny’s Entertainment — or for a k-pop comparison, SM Entertainment’s NCT concept. Basically, the agency has a huge roster of trainees, which then spin out into individual groups when the time is right. EBiDAN already gave us the fabulous Bullet Train, among many others. I’m hoping that Satori Boys Club (さとり少年団) will follow suit.

The single-vocalist, duel-rappers, all-dancing trio started life as one of the agency’s “street” groups, getting their name and music out there through a series of busking performances. Help You (ヘルプ ユー) is their official debut single, and its straightforward dance sound is a throwback in the best way. I knew I would enjoy the song as soon as the high energy instrumental kicked into gear, with its 90’s piano riff and wailing electric guitar. There’s something so refreshingly simple and uncluttered about its driving arrangement.

Despite his young age, vocalist Eiku manages to anchor the track with an easy-going — yet powerful — performance that avoids the hyperactive cutesiness that can sometimes mar this style of j-pop. Like the rest of Help You, the unshowy nature of his vocals actually contributes to the song’s charm. It helps that the melody is a total earworm, building to a surging, sing-along chorus. This is definitely a group I’ll be keeping my eyes on in 2018.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75



3 thoughts on “Song Review: Satori Boys Club – Help You

  1. Oh my Satori boys. That understated grungy sound. Can’t wait to see where they’re heading.

    I sometimes make unusual connections and speculations, so apologies. Maybe liking this song might lead you to like any one of these, too:

    1) Shota Shimizu (R&B):

    2) Taichi Mukai (some sexier R&B?):

    3) GEM (idol): (feels like a “remastered” live performance, but I can’t find a proper MV so there)

    4) A more sugary GEM (idol):

    5) And maybe this short version of Da-Ice’s Sora:

    I wonder why I suggested these. Have to say that none of them are new (i.e., dated haha). Anyway I’m just speculating based on what I’ve read in your blog. They’re JPop through and through more than KPop, but maybe the second suggestion’s quite close to the latter(?). But as for the rest, maybe the hooks could work for you.


  2. Missed this, which I feel is something you might also like. This is part of the OST of a Jdrama (opening), like the first suggestion I gave (ending).


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