The Top Ten Best Songs by NCT

They may have only debuted in the spring of 2016, but NCT’s unit-based, rotational nature has already provided enough singles for a top ten countdown. As SM Entertainment’s newest group, NCT offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of upbeat dance pop, experimental hip-hop/EDM, or soaring balladry, you’ll find at least one song to love here.

10. NCT 127 – Taste The Feeling (2016)

Though clearly a tie-in with Coca Cola and the 2016 Olympics Games, NCT manage to inject enough personality into the extended jingle to make Taste The Feeling a worthy addition to their discography. (full review)

9. NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb (2016)

Spacey and angular, Cherry Bomb’s atonal hip-hop initially polarized. But in the end, its repetitive, attitude-infused hook won the day. (full review)

8. NCT U – The 7th Sense (2016)

A fan-favorite, and the first official song we heard from an NCT unit. The 7th Sense’s pendulous beat and languid, dreamlike melody feels like the perfect introduction to SM’s most experimental boy group. (full review)

7. NCT 127 – Fire Truck (2016)

Powered by its coarse, bass-driven instrumental, Fire Truck combines minimalist melody with a hypnotic bounce that grows more addictive as time went on. (full review)

6. NCT Dream – We Young (2017)

NCT’s youngest unit goes tropical with the upbeat We Young, offering a celebratory, brass-kissed soundtrack for the summer. (full review)

5. NCT 127 – Switch (2016)

Known to fans even before NCT’s debut, the slick dance-pop of Switch presents the group at their most melodic and accessible. Its swirling, synth-driven hook is among their strongest moments. (full review)

4. NCT 127 – Limitless (2017)

Melding its grumbling, rough-edged hip-hop with an impressive, militaristic chorus, Limitless successfully fuses SM Entertainment’s old and new sounds, resulting in 127’s best single yet. (full review)

3. NCT Dream – Chewing Gum (2016)

Dream’s Chewing Gum offers a bright, catchy counterpart to NCT 127’s more experimental, hip-hop driven sound. In doing so, the song quickly became NCT’s most gleefully catchy piece of music, further enhanced by the group’s hoverboard-assisted performance. (full review)

2. NCT Dream – My First & Last (2017)

If Chewing Gum introduced NCT Dream as a somewhat novelty-driven unit, the brilliant My First & Last reinvented them as purveyors of classic, throwback pop music. The impossibly sunny chorus and driving beat combine to forge moments of true k-pop perfection. (full review)

1. NCT U – Without You (2016)

Without You may not be the trendiest or most heavily-promoted of NCT’s songs, but its vocal and melodic bombast create a truly transformative piece of music. Jettisoning the group’s hip-hop influences completely, Without You surges on its gorgeous harmonies and soaring, anthemic chorus. (full review)



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