Song Review: April – The Blue Bird

Production team has carved out quite a niche for themselves composing material for girl groups, and that includes the creation of most of April’s singles. Their signature style — a mix of the ornate and the electronic — has fared well for the girls, even if they’ve yet to nail down that one breakthrough single. The Blue Bird (파랑새) is very much in keeping with the group’s past work, presenting an elegant pop melody at the expense of some of the immediacy that characterizes their most addictive tracks.

Right out of the gate, Bird‘s gorgeous strings loop guarantees that we’re in safe hands. It’s a simple little hook, but manages to be instantly endearing when coupled with the potent shuffle of the instrumental supporting it. Things slow down considerably for the muted verse, which could have done with a bit more punch. Part of me wonders what Bird might have sounded like as a full-on dance track, rather than the ever-shifting mid-tempo it is.

Still, these underwhelming verses do a nice job setting up the lavish chorus. In many ways, this refrain comes across as a natural sequel to their April Story from last year. It’s not a particularly ear-grabbing melody, but the orchestral touches and climactic use of percussion elevate it. The girls deliver an engaging performance, injecting a genuine sense of emotion rather than simply settling for “cute.” It’s another solid entry in their singles discography, even if I doubt it will perform any stronger than their past few releases. But I guess slow and steady wins the race, and April are slowing building up a cohesive catalog of refined k-pop.

 Hooks 7
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8



7 thoughts on “Song Review: April – The Blue Bird

  1. Hello, could you make top 10 title tracks for april songs? So far they have 8 title tracks 1 sub-unit title tracks (naeun & jinsol) and 1 promotion track with an mv (lovesick) thank you 🙂


  2. Hasn’t every group this production team has been associated with failed? Name their hits. The backing tracks they produce are generic and not catchy or memorable. This latest April release has been their least popular track. Strings are part of the problem. They’re a young group and can’t do a mature concept but they need DSP Media to bring in some fresh songs from a different source.

    I say this as a person who supports them and owns every album. It’s a shame that the group is failing. Strings belong on balads.


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