The Top Ten Best Songs by APRIL

Launching in mid-2015, DSP Media’s April debuted with six members (including KARD’s Somin as their leader). Three years later, the group still has six members, but not without a few changes over time.

What hasn’t changed all that much is their sound — an effervescent burst of innocent pop music with the occasional symphonic flourish. They’ve released ten music videos up to this point, so it’s time to officially count them down!

10. Lovesick (2017)

A non-promoted track, the sprightly, guitar-infused Lovesick was nevertheless given a colorful music video to match its bright pop energy.

9. Mayday (2017)

Taking a detour into edgier girl crush territory, the boisterous Mayday proved to be an interesting experiment but not the best fit for April’s unique charms. (full review)

8. Snowman (2015)

A gently lilting winter dance track, Snowman isn’t strictly Christmas-themed but will forever be tied to the season. It may not be particularly unique, but that surging chorus gets the job done. (full review)

7. The Blue Bird (2018)

Returning to an ornate, symphonic sound, The Blue Bird bursts with pop energy while maintaining a sense of gentle refinement that is unique to April’s music. (full review)

6. Muah! (2015)

Taking the group’s innocent synth-sparkled sound and adding a healthy dose of funk, Muah’s explosive structure hinted at more daring things to come.

5. April Story (2017)

The sophisticated April Story fuses orchestral instrumentation with a slow-burn melody that pays off in a gorgeously cresting chorus and symphonic dance breakdown. (full review)

4. Dream Candy (2015)

A bubbly debut, pulsing over layers of galloping synths and ornate instrumental flourishes that climax with an exhilarating key change. It’s as bubblegum as K-pop gets, but that’s certainly not a bad thing.

3. Take My Hand (2017)

Take My Hand works as a streamlining of all of April’s best moments, even if it never quite hits the mark melodically. Still, the group pull off the sleek, e.one-produced Cosmic Girls sound with aplomb, offering a few dynamite power notes and a welcome sense of power. (full review)

2. Oh! My Mistake (2018)

Switching things up with a retro 80’s sound, Oh! My Mistake marries April’s innocent vocals to pared-back synth-based production and an ever-shifting song structure. It’s the kind of pop song that sneaks up on you, and represents a promising new avenue for the group’s style. (full review)

1. Tinkerbell (2016)

Disarming in its innocence, something as silly as Tinkerbell would be easy to write off. And I kind of did back in 2016 when the track was released. Yet, the song stands as a highlight of K-pop’s bubblegum influences. This is thanks, in part, to the delightfully funky rhythm guitar and buoyant strings section, which imbue the lightweight melody with unexpected heft. Its appeal has lasted far beyond my initial so-so review, proving to be an unexpected grower. (full review)


3 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Songs by APRIL

  1. No way man, “Take My Hand” is the gold standard for melody, and one of the most melodic kpop songs in recent memory. I had the exact same experience with “Tinkerbell,” however! I didn’t like it much for about a year, and then one day I found it really quite good.


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